Tom Duggan’s Notebook (May, 2015)

CNN – WHERE FACTS GO TO DIE – Bad enough that Brook Baldwin appears on CNN every day to slant the news and attack our veterans, Solidad O’Brien and Anderson Cooper cheerlead for one side and demonize another side when they are supposed to be presenting objective news. But it’s even worse that so called “news” reporter Brian Tobin nearly caused a riot… twice by refusing to comply with police orders to get out of an intersection while readying for an advance on criminals out after the curfew. He was told a dozen times to move. He refuses. The mayor of Baltimore literally put a bullhorn in his face and said “MOVE” which Tobin refused to do. He then turned to the camera to tell his viewers that “the police are being excessively aggressive.” No Mr. Tobin, you and the CNN crew think like most progressives promoting an agenda that the rules and laws should apply to everyone but you! But here’s a real news flash for Tobin, O’Brien, Baldwin and the rest of the propagandists at CNN promoting a political narrative instead of presenting objective news. Your actions have gotten people killed and the American people are becoming increasingly aware of your advocacy disguised as journalism. This may shock a lot of people but I watch Al Jazeera America now more than CNN because they have a better product and do a better job.


While CNN, NBC and the rest of the national news media were cheerleading in Baltimore, their focus was to create a narrative. The narrative was this: all blacks are victims of the evil cops, cops are bad, white cops are more bad, and any force by police is abuse. While CNN had their so called “news” people taking sides and romanticizing the rioters and demonstrators, what was happening behind them on stage during the “victory rally” was never reported on as news. For one, speakers got up in Baltimore and called for the death of police officers, the disarming of police officers, the end of capitalism, the overthrow of the government, reparations and vengeance against white people and a civil war in the streets of America. And while those words were being spoken in the background, Don Lemon, and other CNN reporters continued to paint he event as extremely positive! They used negative terms against the police and only positive terms to describe everything that was going on while purposely ignoring the racist, America hating vitriol being spewed to the cheers of thousands of black people in attendance. In fairness, not everyone cheering was black, some were white, but they were all members of the media. The American news media has sold us out in this country. CNN and NBC are leading the way. What makes this most dangerous is that people who consume the news are being fed a lie and they buy it. That’s why you have to pay attention! Most people who work in the “news” media are pawns for a political agenda. Very few are not. As such, most Americans are living in an alternate reality. To my readers I say, open your eyes. Question everything the news media tells you. The more over the top they are in their presentations of what is good and what is bad the more you should question.

BALTIMORE, BURN DOWN THE ASIAN STORES – Another fact not widely reported on the news is that while the Baltimore riots were taking place, members of black gangs were standing in front of black owned businesses and urging the rioters to target Asian, Latino and Muslim businesses. Believe it or not the news source that reported and confirmed that little fact was none other than the New York Times. No right wing newspaper for sure. While the Times at least reported this fact of racist black looters, (they buried it at the end of a long article) only Greg Gutfeld on FoxNews ever reported it. WHY? Because the news media is in the business of telling you who the good guys are and who the bad guys are based on their own political agenda. They have no interest in reporting objective facts. So, any time an objective fact pops up that doesn’t comport with their narrative of who is good and who is bad, they just bury it. America has only been told half the story in Baltimore. Go out and do the research and find the other half before making up your mind.

LOWELL – HAA HAA MARTY MEEHAN LIES AGAIN! Years ago when Marty Meehan was a congressman The Valley Patriot got a tip that he was about to resign from Congress and take the job as the chancellor of UMASS-Lowell. We then got a call from his chief of staff who demanded that we take down the story, swearing in an email and on the phone that the story we posted was “simply a lie”. I was younger and more naïve back then, so I took the story down and called my source to question why he had given me bad information. Before I finished with that call, however, the Lowell Sun announced Meehan was resigning, and wouldn’t you know it? He was taking the job as chancellor of UMASS-Lowell. So, it was no surprise recently when Meehan denied media reports that he was resigning as chancellor of UMASS-Lowell to take the as the new head of the entire University of Massachusetts school system … only to find out days later that he indeed is resigning as head of UMASS-Lowell to take that job.