Tom Duggan’s Notebook – May, 2104


Massachusetts is a one party state. Democrats hold every executive elected state office from Governor all the way down to State Auditor. Democrats also control both the State Senate and the House of Representatives. Yet with 133 children missing from DCF care (the Department of Children and Families), with the Justina Pelletier case still in the headlines every day and daily horror stories of DCF out of control, where is the leadership from the party that claims to “care about children”?

We have seen zero leadership from the governor. We’ve seen zero leadership from house and senate Democrats. The list of Democrats fiddling while DCF children burn is staggering in this state. We have heard crickets from Attorney General Martha Coakley (who wants to be governor), Steve Grossman (who also wants to be governor), and Secretary of State Bill Galvin also has nothing to say. You have to go all the way down the list of elected state Democrats to the State AUDITOR Suzanne Bump to find an elected Democrat showing any leadership at all.

Kudos to State Auditor Suzanne Bump for being brave and speaking out about the despicable service Massachusetts children are receiving at DCF. But Auditor Bump’s brave actions on this issue shine a huge spotlight on the apathy and complacency of Massachusetts Democrats on this issue.

So the next time a Democrat says they “care about the children” when they are running for office, remember that when children were turning up dead, when 133 DCF children were missing, when Justina Pelletier was kidnapped from her family by DCF agents … only ONE leader in the Democrat party had anything to say about it at all.

So much for “caring about the children”.

SALISBURY – The Slueth Sisters may be on their way to beating city hall. Yes, for 20+ years the Tomaselli sisters have been fighting the Town of Salisbury and the bobble-head board of selectmen over a fake sewer betterment that resulted in the town closing their restaurant and trying to take their property. The sisters have lost at land court, the appellate tax board and several other courts in the state. But now, finally, a federal bankruptcy judge has actually asked the single question that no other judge or court bothered to ask in years. That question: where is the lien on the Tomaselli’s property and where is proof the sewer betterment was recoreded at the registry of deeds?

You see, the Tomaselli’s bought their property after Salisbury voted on a sewer project, but never bothered to record this vote to create a lien at the registry, then retroactively charged the Tomaselli’s for the sewer bills that belonged to the previous owners. But that didn’t matter to Neil Harringon and the bobble-heads.

If the federal court judge rules in favor of the Tomaselli sisters the corrupt house of cards in Salisbury is going to come tumbling down, and everyone in Salisbury who was charged the fake sewer betterment and lost their property can then petition the court to get their money back too. GOOD LUCK LADIES!. Since the day we started investigating the shenanigans in Salisbury, we have uncovered SO much corruption by Neil Harrington and the board of selectmen that I could hire a full time staff just to compile the information. And with more and more people coming forward in Salisbury with stories and documents on other stories of corruption every day, my readers are about to get a monthly dose of exposes starting in June… just in time for the summer rush.

HES BACK! Willie Lantigua is about to pull off another election win. Lantigua is now running against Marcos Devers as an Independent. Devers is a Democrat. But to make sure he wins the election, Lantigua put Lawrence City Councilor Roger Twomey in the race. You see, Twomey is a Republican and with two candidates now in the race splitting the anti-Lantigua vote, Lantigua is almost assured a win on Election Day. The fact is, a vote for Roger Twomey is a vote for Willie Lantigua. It’s just a function of basic math. And when Lantigua pulls off another win and is once again an elected official, we can all thank Councilor Twomey for helping him make it happen. I for one, am supporting Marcos Devers and I am asking all our friends and family in Lawrence to do the same.

PICK PILE ON DIZOGLIO – State Representative Diana DiZoglio is under attack by her own party. The one term rep. will face two Democrat challengers in the September primary; conservative Oscar Camargo of North Andover and ultra-liberal Phil DeCologero. If DiZoglio gets past her two challengers in the primary, she will face one of the two Republicans looking to unseat her in the November final; Stan Novak or Selectman Rosemary Smedile.

IVES UNDER ATTACK FROM THE LEFT – State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives has a primary challenger on the September ballot. “Progressive” Jessica Finocchiaro, who is in her first term as a member of the Greater Lawrence Technical School Committee. The winner of that primary race will face failed Republican candidate Shaun Toohey in the November final.