TOMORROW’S HEROES: Local Marine Recruits

Marine Sgt. Makary, Recruits Ray Martinez of Methuen, Keith Erickson of Methuen, Teddy Trout of Lowell, Shane Guarino of Lowell and Marine Sgt. Urozo at the Methuen VFW last month for “Family Night” where family members of new Marine recruits were given a small taste of what their sons and daughters will experience when they arrive at Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot.

By: Tom Duggan – April 2012

The United States Marines are indisputably the greatest fighting force in the history of mankind. Last month local recruits gathered with their families at the VFW in Methuen for a family night. Drill Sergeants and recruiters responsible for their recruits gave a demonstration of what the young recruits will be experiencing when they arrive at Parris Island.

Seventeen year old Teddy Trout a soon-to-be 2012 graduate of Lowell Catholic says he ships out for Parris Island on September 10th this year.

“I wanted to give something back,” Trout told the Valley Patriot. “I wanted to do something with my life, something better than community college. I wanted to experience something other people don’t get to experience. It’s going to make me a better man, build my self-esteem.”

Recruit Trout says he plans on joining the infantry after basic training. His mom served honorably in the U.S. Navy.

Shane Guarino, also graduating from Lowell Catholic this year said he was interested in becoming a marine because, he said, he was thinking about his future and the opportunities the Marines will give him in and after he serves his tour.

“I joined the marines so I could advance my education. I feel like a lot of people go to community college and that’s really for anybody, so I wanted to do something different, I wanted to learn leadership and organizational skills. This is something that will prepare me for my future.”

Guarino says he also wants to be in the infantry after he finishes basic training at boot camp.

Keith Erickson graduated from Methuen High School in 2010 and ships out in June. “I wanted to be the best of the best, that’s it,” he said when asked why he joined the marines. “I probably would have gone to a two year college if I didn’t join the marines, so I thought this would help me get more education. There are a lot more opportunities to get higher education in the Marines and they pay for it.”

Erickson said he plans on working Motor transport when he graduates from boot camp.

Ray Martinez, also a Methuen High Graduate said he joined the marines out of a sense of duty. “I want to protect the nation and be part of the greatest fighting force in the world,” he said.

“Before I enlisted I was incredibly overweight. A lot of people think that if they are overweight they can’t get in, but you can get fit in the pre-training and you can get in. It’s about motivation and they motivate you in the marines.