Top 40 – Taxpayer Supported Earners


By: Lawrence “Lonnie” Brennan -September, 2011

As we head into an important fiscal year, with the first of what has been promised to be several tax-overrides recently approved, we note that we’re a bit behind in posting taxpayer expenditures. Specifically, the top 40 taxpayer supported earners of 2010. (The Valley Patriot had previously posted the top 40 school Dept. wage earners this past spring.)

Please note, the amounts listed below come straight from the Georgetown finance Dept.’s offices at town hall. These numbers include wages and basic benefits earned by each employee. (Yes, I got screamed at this spring when I posted only the school Dept. earnings, by one teacher who complained that “I just filed my taxes, that’s not what I earned”. I calmly explained to her that she has specific benefits paid by the taxpayer which are taken pre-tax into a special fund for her future use. She is not presently taxed on these funds. I directed her to consult our town treasurer and accountant. “Oh, that money” she said. But it’s clear, she still didn’t ‘get it.’)

As in the past few years, Georgetown’s ever-smiling and very friendly School Superintendent Carol Jacobs once again eclipsed all others, with $174,326.80 in reported earnings. Ms. Jacobs recently received an additional $1,000 per month bonus to be deposited into a special annuity for her, courtesy of her new contract with the town. She rates one of the highest paid superintendent’s in our fine state, with one of the smallest school districts comprised of just three schools and less than 1,700 total students. (For point of disclosure, I really like Mrs. Jacobs. Not her salary, nor her desire to increase taxes and salaries and apparently demolish the Penn Brook School and pass multiple overrides to build an entirely new school, but I like her as a person and admire her enthusiasm.)

Keep in mind, in addition to the ‘modest’ salaries listed below (which, thanks to overrides, will continue to rise), each earner can expect to receive 40 to 60% of their salaries upon retirement (you’ll notice we tend to be a revolving door for elementary school principles for this reason: they reach retirement, they go sailing, and keep collecting…)

1) Carol Jacobs $174,326.80, School Admin.

2) Wayne Snow $123,005.98, Light Dept.;

3) Peter Lucia $113,732.85 School Administration;

4) James Mulligan $106,376.15 Police Dept.;

5) Kristan Rodriguez $106,129.08 School Dept. Curriculum Director;

6) Dana Nunan $97,442.82 Light Dept.;

7) Donna Tanner $97,081.58 School Administration;

8) Donald Cudmore $97,013.47 Police Dept.;

9) TerryWiggin $96,899.08 School Administration;

10) Guy Prescott $96,611.62 Middle/High School Teacher;

11) David Thomson $96,056.12 Police Dept.;

12) Scott Hatch $95,606.20 Police Dept.;

13) Kevin Defeo $94,102.82 Police Dept.;

14) Michael Farrell $90,953.32 Town Administator;

15) Kyle Morse $87,722.04 Light Dept.;

16) Stephen Umbro $86,402.06 Middle/high School Teacher;

17) Peter Durkee $86,333.18 Highway Dept.;

18) David Armstrong $85,563.06 Police Dept.; 19) Julie Lamoly $80,980.07 Middle/High School Teacher;

20) Glenn Smith $80,563.60 Water Dept.;

21) Dennis Sullivan $80,437.95 Police Dept.;

22) Derek Jones $80,328.02 Police Dept.:

23) HenryVenuti $80,316.93 Middle/High School Teacher;

24) James Young $80,126.12 Light Dept.;

25) Elizabeth Carroll $78,021.42 Pennbrook School Teacher;

26) Heidi Begin $77,152.59 Perley School Teacher;

27) Michael Goddu $77,082.35 Police Dept.;

28) Chad Cunningham $76,482.63 Light Dept.;

29) Robert Dash $76,440.40 Water Dept.: 30) Joseph Pittella $75,581.53 Middle/high School Teacher;

31) Richard Hastings $74,825.48 Middle/High School Teacher;

32) Cerise Cauthron $74,552.18 Middle/High School Teacher;

33) Sandra Starratt $73,956.62 Pennbrook School Teacher;

34) James Rodden $73,379.25 Police

35) DianeWeldon $73,011.67 Middle/High School Teacher;

36) Janice Downing $71,849.13 Middle/High School Teacher;

37) Heidi Mongeau $71,818.80 Middle/High School Teacher;

38) Geraldine White $71,446.10 Perley School Teacher;

39) Linda Husak $71,120.87 Middle/High School Teacher;

40) Francis Gately $70,598.08 Middle/High School Teacher.

For a complete listing of the 538 people who earned a salary from the Georgetown Taxpayer in 2010 for their services to the town (including poll workers, firefighters, and substitute teachers), please see, your free site for posting anything related to Georgetown.