Toxic Propaganda Corrupts America’s Youth

By: Ken  Willette, 6-23

Woe is today’s student living in our vibrant republic yet dominated by teachers and professors espousing outlandish and spurious historical analogies. For these instructors of impressionable youth are doing a grave disservice to their comprehension of American history and global events.

They are deliberating pivoting their students to the following highly suspect declarations: “America’s democracy is dying; America is destined to become the next Nazi Germany; Israel is an evil apartheid state; and Cuba’s Revolution must be admired and replicated.”

Their teaching methods embrace the flawed principles of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions Movement (BDS); the questionable tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT); and an unhealthy worship of the Cuban Revolution and the legacy of Che Guevara.

Ironically, considering the supposedly enlightened backgrounds of many educators, these movements and theories follow racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic ideals.
For example, in the twisted world of the Far Left, it is perfectly reasonable for UMASS-Amherst to host a BDS event for an organization with the stated goal of ‘eradicating the nation-state of Israel.’ A blatantly discriminatory movement that has been directly identified as anti-Semitic by the New England Anti-Defamation League, this group will be routinely welcomed with open arms by many misguided scholars and academics. Where is the campus support for a democratic and multicultural nation like Israel?

How is it possible for an alleged apartheid state such as Israel to allow for Arabs to serve in the Knesset (Israel’s national parliament), for Muslims to join the Israeli Defense Force and for a Palestinian Arab to serve on Israel’s Supreme Court?

Because, drum roll please, Israel has never been an apartheid state. Meanwhile, Palestinian students are indoctrinated to seek the destruction of Israel and the death of Jews. Palestinian leaders still financially support suicide bombers and welcome outside funds for deadly terrorists, despite an unemployment rate hovering near 50% and a massive influx of foreign aid.

How can some of the same educators who support the BDS movement also proclaim that America is on the fast track to Nazi Germany? This is a very strange statement to make given that the current Senate Majority Leader, Charles Schumer, is Jewish. And the last time I checked, our nation elected an African American POTUS twice, and almost elected the first Jewish Vice President back in 2000. Former President Trump had the strongest Pro-Israel record of any POTUS, and he proudly had Jewish family members serving in key administration positions.

How many neo-Nazis have been elected to Congress, State Houses, or major city councils? I can’t pinpoint any historical examples at all, but I know KKK members who rose as high-ranking Democratic members of Congress. The most prominent example being former Senator Robert Byrd, who later apologized for his past membership. But now we have the first African American Minority Leader in Congress.

Times have changed for the better, especially given the formerly strong nexus between the KKK and Southern Democratic leaders at all levels of government since the days of Reconstruction.

Jews were desperately attempting to escape Nazi Germany due to unbearable discrimination, economic boycotts, and confiscation laws. But if our nation has emerged as such an inhospitable environment to raise a family, why have millions of illegals risked everything in successfully evading our border security?

If we are gravitating toward an insufferable dictatorship, wouldn’t people of color be reversing the migration trend of the last 30 years?

Many radicalized educators also dismiss the ultimate sacrifice of over 300,000 white males who died fighting for the Union and freeing over 4 million slaves, because CRT classifies all white males as supportive of white supremacy. 40,000 African Americans died honorably also. CRT discounts white Civil Rights Era advocates and Civil War abolitionists, some of whom were killed for their beliefs.

College students and professors alike have also engaged in strange adoration of Che Guevara, the right-hand man behind Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution. They have worn his image on t-shirts during protests over the years, yet they completely gloss over his virulent homophobic actions, including placing gay men in labor camps for sinister reeducation purposes. Despite his training as a doctor, Che relished opportunities to torture and murder political opponents.

The contradictions are mind-boggling. Leftists bemoan that our nation is allegedly goosestepping toward authoritarianism, but they didn’t hesitate to wear masks at night and arrive at the home of Fox commentator Tucker Carlson, while his wife and children were about to retire to bed. Meanwhile, their father was on the air invoking his first amendment rights and reaching out to millions of viewers.

Yet conservatives are somehow destroying the Constitution and apparently ordering black boots. Seriously? But are the tactics of Antifa really any different than the 1930s Brownshirts in stamping out political opposition? Political violence, hooliganism and mob rule justify their actions to attack contrarian beliefs. Why would conservative Jew Ben Shapiro require extensive security and police details to give speeches at college campuses?

I am an avid reader of history and have devoured books with both liberal and conservative perspectives, because I want to broaden my never-ceasing drive to learn. I have studied sunset communities where blacks were not welcomed after dark, the inhumane cruelty of slavery, the aftermath of the Tulsa race riots, the horrors of the Holocaust and the doomed Weimar Republic. To equate 2023 America to 1860 America, or 1938 Germany to our current diversified and multi-religious society, only supplants serious historical scholarship with deleterious propaganda that would impress Goebbels. Stop giving factually baseless classroom instructions and using inflammatory propaganda as a weapon to deceive students to your warped political thought. ◊