Trans-Jenner-ism ~ Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano

By: Paul MuranoMay, 2015

jennerEncouraged by the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer, I now announce that I am a transracial American. Yes, I am a black man trapped in a white man’s body. Since childhood I would secretly talk black, dress black and listen to black music. I have yet to go through melanoma treatments and racial reassignment surgery, but from now on I plan to take full advantage of my minority status for affirmative action purposes, and will sue anyone who challenges my self-declared identity. Being black corresponds to my inner feelings, and therefore you have an obligation to accept me as who I say I am.

The above paragraph is obviously satire. It is written to display the absurdity of leftist ideology, which is based on three premises: 1) We should be labeled by how we feel; 2) If we declare it, it is so; and 3) Society must comply with said declaration. And there’s also a fourth: This only applies to issues of sex.

First, the facts:If a person is born male, every cell in his body is male, and the same applies to females. It is the Y chromosome or lack of it that dictates a person’s sex.

The rare XXY syndrome still produces a male by virtue of the Y chromosome, and the very rare intersex condition that manifests sexual ambiguity makes up only 0. 018% of the population (Leonard Sax, MD, PhD). Physical ambiguity is not what the “transgender” movement is about, but rather gender dysphoria. It attempts to separate sex from “gender” to declare one’s self different than one’s body. So when Bruce Jenner says he feels like a woman in a man’s body and proclaims on national TV, “I am a woman,” he is speaking of his “gender,” not his sex.

This is not only a false body-person dichotomy, but it also demands the public accept one’s chosen “gender” (not their sex) as their sexual identity. Yet, the fact remains that even if one were to have excessive hormone treatments and undergo sex reassignment surgery, one remains the sex he or she was born. Every cell of the body (save their gametes) scientifically proves that. Declarations to the contrary and cosmetic physical alterations do not change reality.

There is irony in the fact that the larger ideology that includes “transgenderism” would never take seriously the claim supplied in the above satire. That would not fly because the brand of insanity that attempts to redefine reality only applies to matters pertaining to sex. For example, there is literally a community of people who consider themselves transspecies, feeling like they are a particular animal in a human’s body (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Species_dysphoria).

No one takes their claim seriously. There is also a growing number of people with other types of dysphorias, such as those who self-identify with persons who have lost a limb, and seek surgery to remove a healthy arm or leg to fit their self image (www. theatlantic.

om/magazine/archive/2000/12/a-new-way-to-be-mad/304671/). We see these people as needing help. Additionally, there is the more common body dysmorphia of the dangerously thin person with anorexia who sees a fat person when looking in the mirror. We see each of these as psychological problems that need healing.

Why, then, has the cultural left decided to continue respecting objective reality on those types of dysphorias that are not related to sex?What is it about sex that makes the left target it as its experimental project to manipulate and redefine at will?

I propose the problem is more than just fallen man seeking pleasure without consequences. It goes deeper. Sex gives life, and leftist ideology, at its core, is a death wish.
This is why the cultural left champions abortion and euthanasia, and also seeks to render meaningless the natural connection between sex and babies.

This ideology, which has permeated every level of our culture, is the suicidal tendency of society. Its predominance explains why the culture vehemently abhors chemical pollution and physical domination of the planet, but enthusiastically embraces chemical pollution and mutilation of the body in people — but only when it pertains to sex. We soundly condemn perversions of earthly nature that stifle wildlife, but enthusiastically embrace perversions of human nature that stifle human life; such as contraception, homosexual acts, sterilization, and transsexual surgery. We do not consciously admit this inconsistancy because the entire foundation of secular humanist ideology is built on denial.

So, I caution you as I caution all of us:Whenever you find yourself falling into the media-driven narrative, which depends on displaced compassion and a false sense of liberty to uphold its suspension of sanity — a narrative that embraces Jenner’s decision on transgenderism and the courts’ decisions on “same-sex marriage” — catch yourself. Don’t allow yourself to contribute to the abuse of people who need real help (HERE). Don’t become an instrument of our civilization’s gradual suicide (HERE).

6 Responses to "Trans-Jenner-ism ~ Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano"

  1. Andrew   June 8, 2015 at 10:45 AM

    The columnist here lays out a fairly reasoned foundation for his opinion. Unfortunately, by distracting us from his theory and singling out the cultural left in our society as a culture of death, and choosing to ignore the culture of death on the right, (war/militarism, capital punishment, live & let die economics,) the column rings of mere propaganda. It seems unlikely that Murano intended to pander here but that is the primary result. A missed opportunity. Also missed was the irony that Jenner identifies not only as a woman, but as a culturally-right Republican.

  2. Paul   June 9, 2015 at 9:06 AM

    Hi Andrew, thanks for the comment. Jenner identified as a Republican, not a “culturally right” one. If he was, he’d probably point out his own transgendered feelings as being psychologically disordered, and try to resist and overcome them rather than embrace them. I do agree with you that the ‘political’ right also shares in our culture of death with support for capital punishment and unnecessary wars. However, by “cultural left” I’m not speaking politically. I refer to the philosophy permeating society that militates against the natural complementarity and life-giving nature of the sexes for selfish ends, which is crystallized in the breakdown of the family and in one out of three preborn children being killed by abortion.

  3. Emily   June 17, 2015 at 3:35 PM

    I had you as an ethics professor. This is unbelievable. Just last night I was talking about this. I was wondering where the line will be drawn.. And how I don’t think that Rachel Dolezeal’s (sp?) Transracial claim is any less valid than Bruce Jenners transsexual claim. (Not sure if the person I was conversing with knew that I was totally serious..)
    Anyway though, I randomly googled your name today- totally out of the blue- and this came up.. I can’t say that I’m surprised at the coincidence, because much of my thought process when it comes to logic is due to your teachings- But the timing was unbelievable. I will add this website to my bookmark list, this is good reading material!

    • Paul   June 17, 2015 at 3:50 PM

      Hi Emily! Would you happen to be the Emily I had up in Warner back in 2012? Or are you another Emily…? You’ve got my curiosity up. in any case, thanks for your comment. I came up with the notion of ‘transracial’ well before Rachel Dolezeal “came out” as one. I thought it was funny, yet inevitable. And puff, two weeks later she appears in the news.

      If we can create ourselves according feeling instead of fact, why not have people declare themselves another sex, race, species, or tree? There’s no way we could say Rachel is not black if we say Bruce is a woman. It’s going to be both funny and frightening to see how this ideology continues to unfold.

  4. Emily   June 17, 2015 at 4:13 PM

    I had you in 2003 to 2004ish in Danvers.
    I saw that the date on the article was before the Rachel thing.. I love it.

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