Trumping Two Bills, One Camille, and a Hill

By: Jeff Katz – Jan. 2016

Bill Cosby, once seen as the elder statesman of American family friendly comedy now stands charged with a felony count of aggravated indecent assault and is only free to walk around because he was able to post one million dollars in bail. Most of America now looks at The Cos with disdain and scorn. He has lost millions of dollars in bookings and has been stripped of numerous honorary degrees, which had been awarded to him during his high flying days. One of the questions being asked is, how his wife was able to turn her head and ignore the multiple charges leveled against her husband over the years. Was Mrs. Cosby unaware that there were more than sixty allegations of sexual misconduct against her husband? Was she willing to simply look the other way in order to reap the benefits of being married to a successful performer? Did she enable his behavior so that she could continue to enjoy the life of a star’s wife?

As Bill Cosby is preparing to stand trial, Bill Clinton is apparently preparing to figure out if his key to The White House’s service entrance still works. Clinton, like Cosby, has been the subject of numerous accusations of sexual misconduct for decades including charges of rape and indecent assault. Clinton, like Cosby paid big bucks to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit. Clinton might be described as one of the most successful TV presidents but unlike Cosby, he was not playing a part. He was, in fact, the President of the United States and he became just the second president to be formally impeached by the House of Representatives. Unlike Richard Nixon who had the decency to resign before he was formally impeached, Bill Clinton and his team launched an all out assault on those who dared to point out his boorish behavior, felonious conduct, and perjurious testimony. Chief among his enablers and defenders was Hillary Clinton. She was so determined to hang out in the west wing, that she was willing to ignore her husband’s preying on a young intern barely older than their own daughter.

Camille Cosby has, so far, said nothing about her husband’s alleged misconduct. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is now actively running for the very same office her husband used for less than official meetings. Further, with the Democrats’ national machine working overtime to ensure her coronation as the party’s standard-bearer, she has turned her outrage, be it feigned or real, towards Donald Trump. It may be difficult to explain some of Trump’s comments over the years, but authorities have never charged him with sexually assaulting anyone. His statements may be seen as juvenile and politically incorrect but sophomoric jokes are hardly classified as high crimes or misdemeanors.

Hillary Clinton is especially outraged about Donald Trump’s claim that Barack Obama “schlonged” her during her last presidential campaign. It is enough to disqualify the GOP frontrunner from ever serving as President she says. Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton is hoping to move her husband, who is viewed as a serial sexual predator by many, back to the scene of his crimes.

Hillary Clinton is ready to deploy her husband as a major campaign tool while Camille Cosby is trying to figure out if her husband will spend ten years behind bars. Hey, hey hey…who’s the real putz?