Twins From Gr. Lawrence Tech Receive a Total of $4,570 for College from Valley Patriot Readers

Former Methuen Councilor Ron Marsan with Lisa Williams of AFC Urgent Care in Methuen to present Giancy and Yeranly Batista Jesus (also of Methuen) $4,570 in scholarship money from Valley Patriot readers at the Annual Valley Patriot BASH Scholarship & Award Night!

This scholarship was started when (then) Greater Lawrence Tech School Board member Jessica Finocchiaro reminded Valley Patriot publisher Tom Duggan that he was an alum of the GLTS after the Valley Patriot had announced the first scholarship for Lawrence High School in 2012.

Now a city councilor in Methuen, Finocchiaro was on hand for the tenth year to announce the winners of the Valley Patriot GLTS scholarship are Giancy and Yeranly Batista Jesus of Methuen.

The Batista Jesus sisters were flanked by former Methuen Councilor Ron Marsan of Marsan and Son Construction (who donated $1,000) and Lisa Williams of AFC Urgent Care in Methuen (who also donated $1,000) to this scholarship. Also on hand were members of the GLTS administration, former GLTS teacher and Lawrence State Rep. Marcos Devers, as well as Methuen Councilor Eunice Zeigler.

Giancy and Yeranly Batista Jesus are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Luis Batista of Methuen, MA. Giancy is currently studying in the Dental Assisting career program and Yeranly is studying in the Medical Assisting career program. Yeranly and Giancy will both be attending Middlesex Community College in the fall and will study further in their career areas.

Giancy and Yeranly have been successful in their coursework at Greater Lawrence. Giancy has a 4.37 GPA and is currently ranked 3rd and Yeranly has a 4.17 GPA and is ranked 10th out of a class of 397 students in the Class of 2022.

Yeranly and Giancy have never backed away from an academic challenge and are currently enrolled in our dual enrollment classes in English and History through Middlesex Community College. Giancy was awarded the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Book Award as a junior. Giancy and Yeranly were both awarded a John and Abigail Adams Scholarship due to their outstanding performance on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Exams.

Yeranly and Giancy have been members of the Reggie Leaders Program and the Rising Leader Club helping to mentor new underclassmen as they transition to GLTS. They have also volunteered at numerous school functions and community facilities through their different career areas. Giancy is currently employed through our school’s cooperative education program at the Methuen Smiles Dental Office and Yeranly at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Vaccine Clinic.

AFC Urgent Care’s Lisa Williams said when the sisters are ready to get work study credit in college, she is willing to offer them an internship at AFC to help them fulfill their credit requirements.

“AFC Urgent Care is committed to help the community. What better way to do that, than to help kids pay for college and give them worksite training they can use for credit and in the real world.” ◊


Kathleen Laplante  $200.00
Mike Gagliardi – LOCAL 175  $1,000.00
Rosa Aquino  $100.00
William Mannion  $25.00
Anonymous (Michelle Mannion)  $20.00
Sara Dumont  $50.00
Building Wreckers Local 1421  $500.00
AFC URGENT CARE  $1,000.00
Jessica Finocchiaro  $100.00
 Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull  $50.00
Dj Beauregard  $200.00
Stephanie Infante  $100.00
Frank Surillo  $100.00
Ryan Hamilton  $100.00
Ben and Nhi Wallens  $25.00
Ron Marsan  $1,000.00