VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (Aug. 2021) ~ Americans Must Stand up to Vaccine Mandates


August 1, 2021

We have been astounded and horrified over the last few months to learn that private businesses, schools, and colleges are requiring proof of a COVID vaccine before going to work or school.

We were even more horrified to learn that our government officials are doing nothing about this obvious and blatant invasion of our medical privacy by corporations and public institutions.

Think about it. Employers and educators have no legal right to know what’s in your private medical files.

They have no right to know if you have AIDS, or herpes, or even colon cancer.

Your medical conditions, the medicines you take, and the things you tell your doctor, are all privileged information. There are even laws called HIPPA making it a federal crime for someone who discloses your private medical information to anyone not authorized by YOU to have that information.

Somehow, through all the lockdown insanity and government overreach of the last year, it seems that Americans have forgotten all of this.

It’s time to wake up and push back.

At the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s it was widely believed that AIDS could be transmitted via saliva and could even be air born.

Our government officials never would have dreamed of allowing schools and private institutions to mandate that you show proof that you don’t have AIDS before showing up to work or school.

In fact, our government officials went in the other direction and made it illegal for anyone to discriminate against someone who has AIDS, or may have AIDS. They made it illegal for employers to even ask the question.

My how times have changed.

We want to be clear here. We are not against vaccines. We are not against the COVD vaccine. In fact, we are very pro-vaccine. Vaccines have saved millions of lives.

But we are also free people who believe in individual liberty. For the first time in the history of this country you will no longer have a say over what medicines you choose to take, and who gets to know about that.

That is what frightens us.

If companies and institutions can get away with this today, what’s to stop them tomorrow from mandating that you take birth control, or anti-depression medication, or even hormone drugs?

The American people need to stand up to those demanding your private medical information as a condition of going to work or school. We must also stand up to those mandating you take medicine you do not want, or may not need.

Our legislatures need to pass laws similar to the AIDS laws of the 1980’s to make it a federal crime to invade your medical privacy or force you to have medical care against your will.

We are either a free country, or we are not.

That next part is up to you.