VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL ~ How Much Do Democrats Really Care About Latinos?

August – 2022

For years, the Democrats who are elected to run America’s biggest cities have aided and abetted illegal aliens by making their cities “sanctuary cities” that will not deport illegals.

They advocate open borders in the name of the “children” and offer free, taxpayer-funded services to attract more illegal aliens to this country.

Anyone who objects to this is, of course, called “racist” and portrayed as evil.

Their goal in doing all this is to replace and overwhelm the number of white middle class voters who no longer vote for Democrats, with illegal immigrants who will. They call it “the great replacement” and they have been quite open about it. That is, until they are called on it and then they deny their own words calling it a “conspiracy theory.”

All the while they ship illegal aliens to Republican suburbs to dilute the number of white voters.

With the influx of millions of illegals from all over the world funneling over the southern border into Texas, (a Republican state) Governor Greg Abbott is fighting back and forcing these open-border Democrats to bear the burden of their own policies. Abbott is busing thousands of illegal aliens to New York, D.C., Los Angeles, and other Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities.

Given how “pro-Latino” these Democrats pretend to be, you would think their sanctuary city mayors would be happy about all this. You’d think Democrats would welcome these poor Latino immigrants with open arms.

But you would be wrong about that.

Now, these very same Democrats who call others “racist” for opposing illegal immigration, are publicly complaining that they DON’T want all these Latino, illegal aliens in their cities.

How about that?

They are all for illegal immigration as long as those immigrants don’t come to their neighborhoods. They are all for open borders until those who cross the border invade their city. We have to wonder if N.Y. Mayor Adams, D.C. Mayor Bowser, and the other Democrats are racist, as they NOW publicly condemn the overflow of Latinos into their communities.

One thing for sure, now that they have to live with the consequences of their failed policies and anti-American agendas, they are turning away Latinos by the thousands. ◊