June 5, 2007

We love immigrants. Those who come to America to become Americans have been the blood, sweat and backbone of our nation for many years.

 Those who go through the application process and have come here legally have shown by their behavior that they are ready to live by the laws of this nation and, regardless of their political affiliation, country of origin, or the color of their skin, we say with open arms, “Welcome to America. Our land is your land.”

 There is another group of people, however, who want to be lumped into the same category as law-abiding “immigrants” to confuse the debate, and those are the illegal aliens who did not go through the legal process. More often than not, these individuals do not come to America to become Americans, but to live under our flag’s protections while undermining the fabric of our culture and our laws.

 We say, America is our home, and we alone get to decide who comes in and who does not. Who is, and who is not allowed to come here has been determined by our congress, who writes and passes our immigration laws. The concept is simple. If you have come into our home with permission (i.e., in accordance with the law), then we have no problem with you staying. But if you have broken the windows or jimmied the locks to illegally enter our home, you must be removed.

 Just imagine if a homeless man broke into your house tonight. And when you called the police, they told you that you not only have to let him stay, but you must also speak his language, accommodate his dietary needs, pay for his hospital visits and let him pick which bedroom in the house he wants to sleep in.

 You would be outraged.

And you would have every right to be. Yet, this is exactly what President Bush and others in Washington have told us about those who have entered our home illegally and are marching in our streets, demanding government services and special accommodations.

 It is our belief that those who have come here illegally need to be sent back to their country of origin and stand at the back of the line like everyone else waiting to come. Then, and only then, should we consider their applications for citizenship.

 We also believe wholeheartedly that a wall must be built between the United States and Mexico and that the National Guard should be posted along the northern border with Canada.

 Do not be confused by the political rhetoric of hate by the open borders crowd. This is not a debate about immigrants. This is not a debate about race. This is a debate about whether or not we, as Americans, are going to be able to decide who comes into our home and who does not.

 And while we recognize that many of the illegals who come here intend our country no harm and only want a better life for themselves and their families, they must also recognize that by coming here illegally they are undermining the very fabric in our system which guarantees that better life for those of us who are already here.