Valley Patriot Readers Donate $4,860 for Special Needs Scholarship Winner Cassie Buonanno

This is the first year The Valley Patriot offered a Special Needs Scholarship as part of the annual BASH! Inspired by former Lawrence High School teacher Phil Glendye who brought the Special Olympics to Lawrence every year and organized the event at the Lawrence Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Phil passed away in 2019 prompting Valley Patriot publisher Tom Duggan to start a special needs scholarship in his name.

On hand was Linda Arvanitis, and Phil’s widow Karen (who didn’t know the scholarship was being named for her late husband.)

Duggan let Karen Glendye present the check to Cassue Buonanno, flanked by Lawrence State Rep. Marcos Devers, her grandparents John and Brenda Rozzi, and Eric Melanson from the Lawrence High Alumni Association.

Cassie is Autistic and has ADHD. She is a graphic communications student at the Gr. Lawrence Tech School in Andover. Cassie says she never thought she would be going to college with her disabilities but has been accepted to FIRST Institute to pursue a digital media degree. She says her outside interest is acting in plays at Acting Out.

Cassie’s mom is an alumnus of the school who graduated in 1994. Because of a medical procedure she is now on a trachea and a ventilator, confined to a wheelchair. Unfortunately, she will not be able to see me graduate.

Cassie lives with her “Bubbe and Papa” (Brenda and John Rozzi) “who have brought me up and have always been there to help and guide me in all of my endeavors. I want to thank them for always being there for me.” ◊



Darlene Ford  $50.00
Carmen Paulino  $100.00
Marcos Devers  $200.00
George Niang  $400.00
Al Veilleux  $500.00
Tara Krch  $100.00
Matt Mclennan  $200.00
Patrick Ord  $100.00
Clarissa Berube  $350.00
Francisco Paulino  $250.00
Joanna Juralewicz  $50.00
Michael and Janice Solomon  $100.00
Mary Ellen Kalil  $50.00
Kieth Wlodyka  $160.00
Gayle Linton  $50.00
ANONYMOUS  $500.00
Ben and Nhi Wallens  $25.00
Franz Acres Association  $1,500.00
Chris Eldredge  $25.00
Stephanie A  $100.00