Volunteering in Andover For the Holidays


By: Anne Knowles  – December, 2012

volunteeringChristmas 2012 is coming. This year many of us are facing a coming year with an uncertain future. But this is the season to wish everyone you meet, with Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays. Christmas carols, perhaps a little snow, sending Best Wishes to family and friends, and the red kettles and bells of the Salvation Army is out and happy to accept donations to the red kettles. The Salvation Army has always been available to those who are facing hardship, and so we begin our Holiday Season.

Here in Andover, the Andover Youth Service is once again offering “A Lot of Trees,” Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, kissing balls, of all sizes and swags are being sold to support the many programs available to children and young adults, middle school through high school. The Andover Youth Services is very important for this community, offering winter and summer activities for the youth of the community.

The A Lot of Trees sale site is open now until December 22, 2012. Monday through Friday 3:00 pm through 8:30 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. through 9:00pm. The sale is located at West Middle School, 70 Shawsheen Road, Andover. Volunteers are welcomed. Contact AYS at 978-623-8241.

Another special event the Teen Clothing Drive is now in operation. The AYS group “ The Force”, has joined with teens from Lawrence for this program. Donations of boots, coats, scarf’s, gloves, sweaters and sweatshirts are appreciated. The donations may be left at the Andover Youth Services office, 37 Pearson Street, Andover. Until December 17, 2012.

The Holiday Ball will be held on December 15,2012 from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.

Tickets are $ 25.00 per couple, $15.00 for singles. Music will be performed by D.B.’s orchestra. Tom Webster, from the Dance of New England, will give dance instructions.

Tickets for the dance will be available at the Senior Center, 36 Bartlett Street, or the Andover Book store off Main Street, Andover center.

Call 978-623-8321. The Andover Senior Community Friends sponsors this event.


In Andover, there are many places where our gift of time is very much appreciated.

A visit to someone who maybe in a nursing home or a rehab center, would very be welcomed. Older citizens, who live in a group home or who live in their own home, but have few visitors, might welcome a visit a few times a year. One young volunteer from the high school pays a visit to Marland Place senior home, plays cards and listens to one of the seniors talk about his life and the places he has gone and the people he knows.

Churches have many programs all year long that could use help from volunteers, who offer a few hours of their time. South Church along with other churches in the area have outreach programs going on throughout the year. For information call or visit the church office during the week. There may be some activity that you would be able to help.

Many non-profit organization usually use help in many ways from stuffing envelopes, help with distributing “ Meals on Wheels”, for shut-ins, work for a few hours sprucing up the yards, for those who can’t do yard word anymore, but would so appreciate your help. Call the Andover Senior Center for a volunteer program, that would be totally welcomed.

Under the Town of Andover, MA., website there several groups that need volunteers for many commissions that would appreciate interest and help from Andover citizens.

Volunteers do not have to give gifts or money. They can give the best gift of all, doing for others what you may want someday for yourself. We can all appreciate the gift of time and interest. And we never know when we will receive the gift of a friendly face, when we are in need of one.