Vote No On Question 4, No One is Above the Law! ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (10-22)

Oct. 2022

In their infinite lack of wisdom and common sense, The Massachusetts legislature has voted to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

The bill they passed also had language in it stating that illegal aliens will also have a right to receive education and health services as well as other government benefits.

We all know who’s going to pay for all that, we are.

At a time when a record number of veterans and average American citizens are sleeping in the streets, our state leaders ignored their needs and decided to spend millions of tax-payer dollars on people who broke our laws to come here, and break our laws to illegally work here; (either under the table or by using a stolen social security number).

The legislature did all this without ever asking the voters of Massachusetts what you wanted. Their arrogance is staggering.

Enter former Andover State Rep. and head of the Massachusetts Republican Party Jim Lyons. Lyons and his supporters took on a monumental effort to get Question #4 on the November 8th state ballot.

A “yes” vote means you favor giving drivers licenses and other government benefits to illegal aliens.

A “no” vote means you do not favor giving drivers licenses and other government benefits to illegal aliens.

We believe that voting “NO” on Question 4 is the most responsible thing to do for our state.

First of all, the reasons given by the legislators who pushed this through ring hollow.

Legislators said this was needed because “if they don’t have a license, they are just going to drive anyway.”

That’s like saying we should mandate banks disable their security systems because bank robbers are just going to rob banks anyways.

Secondly, the legislatures actions, like all legislative action, is only the first step in a long list of incremental benefits they plan on bestowing to illegal aliens.

If Question 4 passes we all know that within a year the legislature will be “amending” the bill to expand all kinds of additional rights to illegals, rights that are only supposed to be bestowed upon American citizens.

Otherwise, what’s the point of citizenship?

We fully understand that there are good points made by those in favor of illegals getting licenses. For one, police chiefs across the state say it will make their jobs easier because officers will know who they are pulling over when making motor vehicle stops.

The drawbacks of giving licenses to illegals, however, far outweigh whatever good this ballot question will do.

Giving licenses to people who did not legally enter this country gives legitimacy to whatever fake identity any illegal chooses to give the state. Sure, the bill says they have to have identification documents to get a state license, but the actual documents required are so easy to counterfeit, a 3rd grader could do it with a laser printer from Staples.

And they know that. That’s the point!

We are not against immigration. We believe our government should make it easier for people who want to come to this country legally and even increase the number of people allowed to come here legally each year. We hold nothing against anyone who wants to come to this country, legally or illegally.

We simply believe that the immigration laws of our country should be enforced, not rendered meaningless by government officials who have no respect for our constitution.

Our immigration system is not broken, it’s been sabotaged.

Voting NO on Question #4 is a good way to start reversing that. ◊