Vote YOUR Values This November


By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – October, 2010

Do you believe in personal responsibility, or do you want to be oppressively taxed to permit others to escape the consequences of their irresponsibility?

Do you struggle to balance your family’s budget and try to save for the future while you see your taxes going to bail out others who overspend or make foolish financial decisions?

Are you worried that our government’s insane spending may destroy your savings and bankrupt your children’s future?

Are you sick of the anti-American attitude by the progressive-left that currently rules in Washington and that runs rampant in our government-funded schools?

Make your voice and your values heard on November 2nd!

Two congressional races and two state representative races deserve special attention.




Bil Hudak and Tom Duggan
Bil Hudak and Tom Duggan

If you are enthralled by Nancy Pelosi, ignore this advice. Tierney’s voting record in the House of Representatives is NEARLY INDISTINGUISHABLE from Speaker Pelosi’s … both on domestic issues and foreign policy.

The Club for Growth tracks the voting record of all congressmen and publishes an annual rating that reflects the extent to which their votes encourage economic growth, prosperity and job creation. This rating is based on 50-75 key votes each year. In 2009, Nancy Pelosi had a dismal score of 7%. John Tierney’s rating at 2% was even worse!!

Yes, that is correct. In 2009, John Tierney had one of the most extreme, left-wing, anti-growth voting records in Washington. Over the past five years, Tierney’s ranking was less than 7%.

Included in his pathetic record is a vote supporting the Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. No congressional member could even confirm the existence of the alleged “Center” … but Tierney thought it was worthy of your tax dollars anyway. You can see Tierney’s other 250 plus pro-pork votes, including the trillions of dollars in wasted stimulus spending and the future-killing socialization of healthcare at

Tierney’s record on foreign policy is no better. He voted to permit release of Guantanamo prisoners INTO the U.S.! He voted to permit funding for the closure of Guantanamo without any plan for where to send the terrorists! He opposed funding for a defense system against ballistic missile attack on the U.S., while Iran rapidly moves towards just such a capability. He voted against the surge in Iraq, the policy that led to our eventual victory. Instead, he voted for the rapid removal of our forces from Iraq within 180 days, an insane policy that even President Obama wouldn’t implement!

Bill Hudak (see: ) will replace Tierney’s far-left record with a voice that supports lower taxes, economic growth, job creation and smaller government, not to mention putting a halt to destructive deficit spending.

He will vote to overturn ObamaCare while supporting real healthcare reform that ensures competition to lower costs and letting you select the health insurance coverage you want. He will vote to eliminate the bureaucracy while empowering you to make your own medical decisions with your doctor.

Finally, he will fight for a sensible national security policy that keeps us strong and protects us from foreign threats while upholding American dignity.



If you thought Tierney’s economic voting record was horrendous (averaging 7%), consider Tsongas’ voting record! Over the last two years, Tsongas’ rating averaged 2%! (0% in 2008 and 4% in 2009!) She makes Nancy Pelosi look like an advocate of free markets!

On her website she touts her support of the recent government takeover of our healthcare system. She does this despite the increasing healthcare premiums this legislation is already inflicting on her constituents. Not to mention the fact that many private employers are being forced by ObamaCare to cut back the options offered for private insurance. Will Niki Tsongas not be satisfied until all of us are on Medicare and our most talented doctors retire in frustration over government interference?

Jon Golnik has pledged to dedicate himself to the following goals. If these are more in line with your values, vote for Golnik in November (see

* Encouraging job creation (including tax credits to stimulate small business hiring)

* Supporting energy independence (reducing punitive regulations and taxes on traditional energy supplies while letting free market forces develop the most cost effective mix of energy sources)

* Stopping unsustainable government spending which is leading to deficits that will bankrupt future generations

* Making healthcare affordable by allowing individuals to buy insurance across state lines and allowing individuals to deduct healthcare premiums on their income taxes. He will fight to let you choose the coverage options you need (ending unaffordable state mandates) and to legislate tort reform that will also lower costs.

* Fighting to protect your Second Amendment rights

* Work to control immigration by securing our borders and penalizing companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens.




The Massachusetts Legislature is a single party machine that has become corrupt, bloated, and wasteful. It will never change unless we replace those sitting on Beacon Hill.

The current representatives are lacking in any new ideas. They seem to have no interest in developing a healthy private economy. From a review of their records, it is clear that they have no clue as to the workings of the private sector or what policies would encourage it to thrive and create jobs. Their interest in the private economy is limited to finding ways to tax it when they think up a new way to spend/waste money.

Here is a small sample of recent votes made by BOTH Representatives Torrisi and L’Italien:

* Voted against transparency by voting against putting legislative votes made in committee on the Web (HR09-019)

* Voted to continue the wasteful practice of spending via earmarks (HR09-063)

* Voted for bloated pensions by refusing to limit state pensions to four times the state average (HR09-076) and also allowing pension payments to convicted felons (HR09-072)

* Voted to permit illegal aliens to receive public benefits (HR09-372)

* Voted against a bill that would save Massachusetts taxpayers approximately $700 million to $1billion in healthcare costs (HR09-100)

Representative L’Italien also supported the recent economy-killing, job-killing sales tax increase from 5% to 6.25% … a whopping 25% increase in a deep recession. What was she thinking? Are businesses in the Merrimack Valley not sufficiently disadvantaged by a 5% sales tax? Has she ever run a retail business? Does she care about the success of the local economy or whether her constituents can find a job?

Kevin Begley (who opposes Torrisi; see: ) and Jim Lyons (who opposes L’Italien; see: ) would have taken the opposing course on each of these votes.

Both of these challengers own and run private businesses in the Merrimack Valley. They know how to balance a budget and what it takes to create new jobs. They are not beholding to union bosses or other special interests.

They both support lower taxes, less regulation, a strong private economy, and sensible healthcare solutions based on less government interference, more consumer choice, and competition.

This November, we will either put our nation and Massachusetts back on the right track for a prosperous future, or we will be consigned to a dreary and bankrupt existence with less individual freedom.

Review your values and the record of your representatives. Do they faithfully represent your values?

If they do not, call their opponents and offer to help. Send them a contribution. Get involved.

And then, vote on November 2nd.

Vote for Hudak, Golnik, Begley and Lyons.

Finally, don’t forget: Vote YES on Question 1 (remove sales tax from liquor), Question 2 (elimination of 40B) and Question 3 (reduction of sales tax to 3%).

This may be the most important election in your lifetime.

Someone’s values will prevail. Will they be yours?