Warrior Dash

Christine Prescott - Warrior Dash 2012

 By: Christine Prescott – October, 2012

The Warrior Dash is held annually throughout the world. It’s an intense 5k running event held on the most challenging rugged terrain. The race also includes obstacle courses, mud,) crawling under barb wire and fire leaping events. The event is meant to challenge every single ounce of endurance and determination. I didn’t run the race to win. I ran the race to raise money for the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The St. Jude Warrior program is partnered with the Warrior Dash and those who sign up to be a St. Jude Warrior help raise money for the hospital by securing donations from friends and family. The idea is that while these children are fighting for their lives, fundraising gives hope for these kids and inspires them to also be a warrior and win the fight.

I was immediately drawn to the St. Jude Warrior program. These kids inspired me to do something I never thought I could ever accomplish. I spent almost 12 years in the Army, and the Warrior Dash made boot camp look like rainbows and cupcakes. I am glad I did this and will continue to be a St. Jude Warrior for as long as I will be able to run 5k races through rugged terrain.

~Christine Prescott