We Cannot Allow History to Repeat Itself ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (05/24)

May, 2024

It should be clear by now that Jew-hating Nazis have infiltrated every fabric of American society today.

If they were Klansmen who were gunning for Black people we would be treating this very differently. Sadly, as a country we only pay lip service to Jew-hatred and only address it casually when it’s politically expedient.

Jew haters are now visibly represented in Congress, the White House, government agencies in every state, local and national law enforcement, media newsrooms, college campuses, and the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Not only have these modern-day Arab-Nazis infected the blood of this country, they have made an  unholy alliance with violent drug cartels, corrupt elected officials, the communist Chinese, the Russians, and foreign Islamic terrorists – making them so strong that they openly call for the extermination of the Jews, the eradication of Israel, and the overthrow of our own government.

It is frightening that all of this is happening while the country is being flooded with more like-minded Jew-hating “immigrants” through our open borders.

In the 1930s we didn’t call public gatherings or parades of Nazis “Pro-Germany protests.”

We called them what they were – Jew Hating genocidal maniacs.

That’s because we understood that using neutral language to describe genocidal maniacs, only helps to further the goals of those maniacs.

Today, however, we are calling these modern-day Nazi gatherings “pro-Palestinian protests” as they march through the streets of this country chanting “Gas the Jews.”

What’s even more troubling is that our own government agencies and national law enforcement officials are ignoring real threats to “democracy” while labeling and persecuting social conservatives as white supremacists and domestic terrorists.

This is the very social dynamic that existed in Western Europe prior to the holocaust, and this country is speeding over the same cliff with nobody in  power caring enough to apply the brakes.

Yes, these are bizarre and troubling times.

In the 1930s, Germany didn’t have computers, nuclear weapons, government satellites, and cell phone surveillance systems – and look at the damage they did.

Today, the United States Government does have all those things.

Given the fact that our enemies have infiltrated every level of government, that means our enemies now have access to all the same technology that our good government officials have access to.

That’s why it is more important than at any time in history to stand with the Jews and start the process of identifying and eradicating the Nazi traitors among us once and for all.

It’s time to withhold all government funding from colleges and organizations that engage in anti-American, anti-Jewish activities, purge government agencies of anyone with ties to real hate groups, and begin the mass deportation of “immigrants” who advocate genocide, racial hatred, or violence of any kind.

We must stop history from repeating itself.

“Never again” should mean never again, or humanity won’t survive this time!◊