WE DID IT! Methuen Ranger’s Nicholson Stadium Makeover Approved

Shown in the picture from Left to right: Chris Zins, Lily Zins, Ted Zins  of Methuen

By: Jennifer Jones – March 2, 2015

Monday March 2, 2015, just after 7 P.M. cheers erupted from city hall and the gymnasium of the Timony Grammar School in Methuen, Massachusetts.  The residents of this community came out to “bleed blue” showing their continued support at the town meeting and let their voices be validated.  Parents, students, teachers, coaches and other residents of this community went wild with excitement as their long awaited answer to their question was finally delivered.  This was the vote to approve a plan for the renovation of Nicholson Stadium.  This is basically a capstone to all of the renovations throughout Methuen from the 4 Grammar Schools (TImony Grammar School, Tenney Grammar School, Marsh Grammar School, and the Comprehensive Grammar School), to most recently, the completion of the High School.  The next logical idea was to renovate the sports complex to make it state of the art facility.

The renovation of Nicholson Stadium will include: state of the art turf fields, new clubhouse, making the facility more handicap accessible, as well as finally address disparity between men’s and women’s sporting facilities.  This is a 7 point plan that will not cost the taxpayers of the community, and was creatively funded.  The Project will be funded through grants, fundraising, other means including the Meals tax, a significant pledge from MAIC (Methuen Athletic Improvement Committee) one of the projects biggest supporter. City Counselors previously voted no last week even though they were In favor of the project because they were not fans of how it was presented with the financial plan that was proposed.  The new proposal ensures that financial plan is intact, and surprisingly pleases everyone.  This surely was a demonstration of democracy at its finest, using this for a learning opportunity that the system does work, and we can invest in our community without breaking the bank or raising taxes. Where there is a will there is a way and with all the dedicated and passionate people of this community Methuen can be proud of the grounds that our athletes compete and practice on. To be the best we must have the best.

One of the many viewers tonight at the Timony Grammar School was Chris Zins, an 18 year Methuen resident and parent of a MHS athlete stated that she was pleased with the way the board voted tonight. Her older daughter plays Lacrosse and Field Hockey, and stated how poor the fields are compared to other schools in the surrounding area.  She showed concern for the conditions because they are dangerous and could potentially cause serious injuries to the athletes. Chris and her husband Ted mentioned that they are excited because these changes will assure that their daughter and other teenage girls will not have to change into their uniforms in their cars or out in the open. This family like many others look at this as in investment in our students and community serving future generations, including their other daughter Lily someday.

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