We Stand With Israel – No Ceasefire in Gaza ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (11-23)


On October 7th, civilians from the terrorist held “Palestinian territories” in Israel invaded border communities, murdered the local police officers, blew up the local police stations, and then went house to house raping women, beheading babies and children, torturing and killing men, and taking hostages back to their terrorist enclaves in Gaza.

The Arab-Muslim world publicly celebrated across the globe in unison with the terrorist Muslims who invaded Israel and chanted “Death to the Jews”. Not even in WWII has the world seen such a thing.

Since then, Israel has declared war on the terrorist “Palestinian” territory of Gaza, where civilian terrorists build their headquarters and store their weapons of war in the basements of schools and hospitals to avoid being bombed.

While the civilian terrorists of Gaza, (and their elected leaders in Hamas), indiscriminately bomb and murder innocent civilians in Israel – as well as openly calling for the extermination of all the Jews – the Israelis have provided food, water, electricity, heat, internet services, fuel, and medical services to the very people in Gaza who want to wipe them off the face of the earth.

Moreover, once the Jews of Israel began their war on the terrorists in Gaza, they publicly warned civilians where and when they would be bombing to decrease innocent casualties. This is a courtesy that the terrorist Palestinians do not afford to the Jews.

Yet, there are still Americans trying to paint the Israelis as the bad guys – and the terrorist Nazis in the “Palestinian” territories as the good guys. They distract from the facts we just outlined, by arguing about land rights, grievances from 1,000 years ago, and ironically accusing Israel of being “fascists” and “white supremacists.”

Don’t fall for it.

The Arab-Muslim world is targeting Jews in Europe, in the United States, and in Asia. None of those Jews have anything to do with the nation of Israel or the land they currently hold.

If this was about land, the focus of such Muslim rage would be pointed at the Israeli government, not religious Jews living outside that country.

We have long believed – and stated in previous editorials – that if every Jew left Israel tomorrow and moved to the South Pole, the Arab-Muslim world would abandon Israel and declare war on the South Pole the very next day.

We stand with Israel and the Jewish people – and declare that the terrorists of Hamas (who are “civilians”) must be eradicated.

Gaza must be leveled.

We find it frightening that the good people of the democratic west have not learned a damn thing from the holocaust of the Nazis in WWII – all the while modern day Jew-haters have learned quite well how to better exterminate Jews, and how to get the rest of the world to stand by and let it happen.

After the holocaust we said never again!

“Never again” is today.

We must act accordingly. ◊