We Stand with Pam Geller – Stop Blaming the Victims ~ Valley Patriot Editorial, May, 2015

not afraid


As The Valley Patriot was going to print this month, a Muslim hit squad pulled up to the front of a free speech conference in Garland, Texas and tried to shoot their way in and kill those who had drawn a cartoon of Muhammad.

Almost immediately, the propagandists at CNN went into overdrive to label and stereotype Pamela Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative as a “hate group”. They blame the victim for inciting Muslims to violence, by defending and exercising her right of free speech in holding a Muhammad cartoon contest.

Imagine CNN blaming the victim.

We wonder if CNN also believes that women who dress provocatively and walk through bad neighborhoods are inciting their rapist to violence? That is the essence of what they did when they blamed Geller instead of Muslim fascists.

They abandoned the idea of reporting news, and chose to inject their own politics into what is supposed to be the objective reporting of facts.

Those who blame the victims of Muslim violence are doing exactly what the Muslim terrorists want. They want our news media to distract everyone away from the real problem. This further chills the speech of others who will now be afraid to speak out. We say Gellar is right and we are not afraid!

We stand with Pam Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative. They are not a hate group any more than our troops fighting the Nazi’s in WWII were a hate group. It’s very alarming that CNN and the rest of the media is spreading this chilling propaganda, and that so many Americans have bought into it as “news”.

To quote Greg Gutfeld, America’s biggest problem is Islamo-phobia-Phobia.

WAKE UP! Sharia is the enemy, not Pam Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative!