Weak Bones, Weak Joints Weak Body ~ THE DOCTOR IS IN!

Ny. Dr. Pipere Ghassibi

Our bones, our skeleton, support our structure and strong bones are very important for health.

The subconscious brain reads the body and may lead us to depression if it sees physical weakness. It is our muscles that feed our bones, otherwise the bones degenerate.
As you know, doctors prescribe medications for osteoporosis.

These medications have side effects, causing muscle pains, inflammation of the stomach and can weaken some of the bones and paradoxically predispose to fracture.

Therefore, we should not only depend on these medications. Of note here is that vitamin D and Calcium pills have not shown help, which is strange when so many people rely on them.

This is so counterintuitive that even doctors continue prescribing them. For some reason that I still do not know, eating more vegetables strengthen the bones more than taking Calcium.

Thus, we come back full circle to the plant based diet, getting some sun and exercise, which protect against dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Add to this that isolation and loneliness increase the risk of many diseases. In the town of Roseto in Pennsylvania and some towns in Greek islands, despite many people smoking and having high cholesterols, they live long healthy lives. In these small towns, people know each other and no one is lonely. Could a fun life and therefore wanting to live, be more important in general than the doctor’s medications!?

P. Ghassibi, MD

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