Weighing in on Unisex Bathrooms ~ Ye Gay Ol’ Valley

By: Dani Langevin – June, 2016

There’s a great deal of attention on North Carolina since it passed a law in March that states transgendered people must use the bathroom for the sex they were assigned at birth. As a result, the state has had numerous celebrities back out of commitments and companies refusing to bring their business there. I think this is the wrong way to react. I say we inundate North Carolina with as many queers, dykes, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, transsexuals, transgenders, and whatever else there is out there. We should all go there with picnic baskets full of prunes, high fiber foods, and Ex-lax and clog every one of their exclusive bathrooms until the entire state is knee deep in the same BS as the new law and its supporters are filled with.

What most people don’t know is many laws have amendments attached to them. These amendments are usually something that one group really wants to pass so they hide it within another law. This is called a rider. It’s an added plan of action that would most likely not be accepted into law in and of itself. So, what they do is piggyback it onto some completely unrelated law. In this case, the law is forcing the transgendered to go into a bathroom that they don’t want to because the right wing conservatives think this will be applauded. The rider for this law is that the rights of workers to sue under state anti-discrimination laws are taken away. And there it is folks the real motive behind these actions is to, once again, take away the rights of certain people.

Many arguments for not allowing transgendered persons to use the bathroom for the sex that they identify with is that people are concerned about child molesters now having free range. Free range of what, I ask. Molesters are predators and predators will find prey anywhere. Statistics show that most child molesters are straight men who prey on young boys. Predators are survivors that feed on what satiates their need. They will find what they need no matter who’s allowed into what bathroom. And frankly, that whole argument is antiquated and moot. Stop using the molester card when discussions involving homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, and transgenderism are brought up. Those accusations are ignorant and unfounded.

I never thought I’d say this, but President Obama seems to be one of the strongest voices of reason by demanding public schools to allow their students to use the bathroom of the sex to which they identify themselves. Many people are shaking their heads thinking that boys will be boys and go into the girl’s bathroom for a cheap thrill. I don’t think so folks. Clearly this law wasn’t fully visualized by the people who birthed, wrote, and passed it or by those who support it. I’m sure it’s because these people have never met a transgendered person – ever. I have. Allow me to paint you a picture. If transgendered people are forced to use the bathroom for the sex they were assigned at birth, there will be people who physically appear to be female: long flowing hair, breasts, high heels, lipstick, and painted nails walking into a men’s room. What do you think will be the comfort level of everyone in that room? In turn, a person who physically looks male: tightly cropped hair or a man bun, polo shirt, jeans, expensive sneakers or finely tailored suit, tie, and wing tips walks into a ladies room I’m sure will be met with loud comments, screams, and maybe even a slap across the face. I’m guessing supporters of this law only visualized men, who look like men, going into lady’s rooms for predatory purposes. Sheer ignorance. Many of them just thought about chromosomes and what is housed between a person’s legs. Clearly this was not thought out at all.

This is all smoke and mirrors folks. It’s hiding a rights restrictive rider in a blatant discriminatory law. It’s a disgusting display of how ignorantly short sighted our government has become and how they seek to control our minds and bodies.

Dani Langevin is a teacher and has a Bachelors in Fine Art and Masters in Education. she has written four young adult novels, one of which is self-published. You can email Dani at DaniBLangevin@aol.com