West Nile Virus Found near Senior Center in Downtown North Andover, Truck Spraying Tuesday 24th

BREAKING… The Board of Health has announced that mosquito samples have tested positive for the West Nile Virus near the Senior Center in North Andover. Truck spraying of pesticides will take place in the following locations: West of Chickering Road and and North of Mass Ave, using Sutton Street and Rt 495 as a border. This will include th entire downtown area. 

Spraying will take place on Tuesday between Dusk and and midnight with a rain date of Sept 25th or 26th and is highly dependent on the weather Spraying will not take place if the temperature is lower than 55 degrees.

Residents in the Town Hall area are advised to keep their windows closed. Home gardens should be washed prior to consumption.

EDITORS NOTE: The Valley Patriot’s PuppyGirl Kate Whitney also has advised that you bring in your pets and keep them indoors all evening and not let them play outside the day after as pesticides may still be in the grass and on the ground.