What Ever Happened to Justice?

As a direct result of their determined and exhaustive efforts over the past two decades, the Tomaselli sisters, Joyce and Gracemarie, have petitioned two new bills to the current State Senate.

They learned that absolute immunity given to attorneys is a privilege presently in effect that makes it virtually impossible for litigants to obtain fair and equitable treatment in court.

When I found out that this is true, I thought – are you kidding – no one should be above the law! What ever happened to liberty and justice for all?

Too few people realize that the present attorney absolute immunity privilege allows attorneys to unfairly bend the law in a court proceeding. It is so unfair and detrimental to any and all who have legitimate claims that must be determined in court.

This immunity is not justice by any measure!

Please folks if you agree that absolute immunity is wrong, unfair, or unjust, just speak up, lend a hand if you want the legal system to change for the better. Contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to support and pass these bills: SD 1941 An Act to strengthen rules governing attorney conduct; penalties for misconduct and SD 2069 An Act to provide clarification to Mass General Laws.

The Tomasellis are my good friends, they have always been good, strong and loving contributors to the community. Let’s all get together and work for justice for a brighter future.

Joe Corcoran,
U.S. Navy veteran 1954 to 1958