What’s Next for Black LivesMatter?

By: Santiago Reyes Cruz, Jr. – July, 2020

So, what’s next for Leaders here in the Merrimack Valley? What steps will be taken as a strategy to bring positive change? Key Words “Positive Change” because across the Country we’ve seen protests become nothing but a showcase of violence and hate.


because many protests have been breached by extremists; people who ignorantly chant things like “abolish the police”, “F*** the Police”. Thus, crippling the entire movement. Therefore moving forward we citizens of the Merrimack Valley need to be strategic and not give aid or pay attention to those groups who have nothing but negative things to say like as “abolish the police”. These sayings are barbaric, lunatic and bring insecurities to our communities and homes.

Citizens and Leaders here in the Merrimack Valley Need to think and act differently. We cannot follow the actions others in the country have sadly taken. For us to defeat these extremists who have breached protests across the country, Merrimack Valley Citizens need to execute strategies outside the box that will bring unity and actual reform. We need to take as an example; the famous Terrorist group “CHAZ” of Seattle. A prime example of what can occur if extremists remain unchecked.

Thankfully Seattle Police were able to take back the streets of Capitol Hill and make it habitable once again for citizens. Not just CHAZ Terrorists and extremists. By the way – the people who donated to CHAZ are just as accountable for their misdeeds.

What started off as a peaceful protest here in the Country – has escalated to various groups causing harm and destruction. Misleading young innocent minds into believing violence is the answer.
Hence we citizens of The Merrimack Valley need to be an example for the rest of the country. An example of love, positive reforms, and true leadership. Just recently Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera declined the offer to defund the Lawrence Police Department. A good move by Dan Rivera considering defunding the police departments isn’t at all a nearby solution for all of our current issues.

A real solution is to better educate our kids at home so they may become healthier adults and fruitful citizens. Healthier homes create better communities. The problem with many homes nowadays is that they aren’t properly educating their kids. Studies show that lower income communities are the most impacted by this trend of producing inefficient adults- aka people who have negative altercation with police. For the Merrimack Valley to truly function at its full potential, we must erase these negative ideals that are attacking youth across the Valley.

A local church group based out of 297 South Union St. Lawrence MA is working on just that. Empowering local citizens to stand up against extremists that further add to the chaoticness that’s occurring around us. The church plans on

opening a Boys and Girls Scouts programs so kids may go hiking, camping, water tubing, science fairs etc. along with Bible studies; the church believes it is essential for kids to be educated on National, State and local affairs.

The programs are open to all denominations. More information about the educational/recreational programs are to come. Donations, volunteering and field trip opportunities will also follow.

If you’re interested in standing up against these Extremists and better educating our Merrimack Valley youth please email me personally at Reyes.Santiag22@Gmail.Com. Include “I CARE” under the Subject line. Inside the body text include a bio about yourself, your personal experience since the beginning of 2020 and what you hope to accomplish by joining this group. Together we will tackle down extremists who say “abolish the police”. ◊