Why I am Running for State Representative


By: Kevin Cuff – July, 2012

Kevin CuffNearly forty years ago, my family taught me the values of civic RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. As a member of our hometown School Committee, my mother took positions that, at the time, were extremely controversial, challenging and polarizing.

Her perseverance taught me that everyone including your established school systems and governments are accountable. She taught me how to take a stand on principle, to stand on my feet and defend my ideals. When people called the house and threatened our family because of the positions that my mother took … her ideals never flinched, she was unwavering … and she was right!

Today, we have a unique time and opportunity to stand on our feet, to take a stand for accountability and stand for election to be the State Representative to 17th Essex legislative district for Andover, Lawrence and Methuen. Yet, we’re NOT going to stand for an underperforming government of a distressed city. We’re NOT going to stand for the status quo of failing academic achievement, unfunded law enforcement, public safety and unclean streets. Most importantly, that we’re NOT going to stand for broken promises, fraudulent elections, and poor representation.

For the people of the 17th Essex set entirely upon the banks of the Merrimack, in the midst of a historic and proud city, we have one opportunity to place in government a person with the proven experience, political acumen, and necessary leadership to represent the district honestly and professionally.

I am making this run because the current political and government environment in which we live, work and play has made me increasingly uncomfortable. With this discomfort comes a great motivation for change and to lead. So, on behalf of my family and yours, I am taking that chance. I am taking that risk. But, I have the confidence in myself and in my community to take this ride together. If I don’t; I am convinced that others won’t !!

Please join me in this fight. Together, we have had a history of standing together and fighting the good fight, for a city, for a region, for economic opportunity and a better quality of life. I am asking you to walk with me this one time and together we will transform a historic American city.

I am asking for your support and your resources to help wage a battle against a political machine. Please join me today at www.kevinmcuff.com; call me direct at 978.239.5612; and together we can create a movement for a better quality of life in the Merrimack Valley.