Why the Left Hates America

Why do they Hate you so much Mr. President?


 By: Tom Duggan

This column was originally posted on tommyduggan.com in November of 2003. 

Yesterday, a reporter asked President Bush why the protesters hate him so much. Bush gave the diplomatic answer, saying that “freedom is wonderful” and reminding the world that the people of Iraq didn’t have the freedom to protest until we liberated them. That was the safe answer.

But Bush missed the perfect opportunity to explain the real reason leftists and socialists hate him (and us) so much.

Here is what a President of the United States, Tom Duggan would have said….


Why do they hate me so much?

Well, first off look at the agenda of the people protesting. They hate capitalism; they hate freedom, make excuses for dictators and admittedly care more about themselves than anyone else in the world. They value the abstract and academic rather than the plight of real people and the spread of real evil.

These leftists care more about the “environment” as a means to force their social agenda on others. They care nothing about human suffering or stopping human evil. They call themselves activists but they hold signs and shout silly slogans as though this is going to change anything. To change things you have to get your hands dirty and stare danger in the face. You can’t do that in a crowd of like-minded people protesting free democracies.

Those who hate me (and the US) are a naïve and angry bunch of punks who are too cowardly to fight evil. So they do the next best thing in their own eyes, and that is to fight those of us who fight evil.

You see, fighting those who fight against evil is safe. In the United States you don’t get taken to torture chambers and rape rooms when you speak out against the government.

So, the cowards do what is safe and fight against the forces of good, the forces of freedom, the forces of capitalism. How truly bizarre that we have toppled Saddam and the Taliban just as America toppled Emperor Hirohito and Adolph Hitler and yet, it is the American ideal that these benefactors of liberty loathe so much.

They hate because they love to hate. So cowardly are these people that they prefer to ignore genocide and violations of human rights on a massive scale rather than risk getting hurt opposing it.

You will never see these people protesting genocide in Rwanda, women being tortured and raped in the Middle East, the violations of human rights in China or the existing slave trade in Africa. They do not speak out against rogue nations that spray chemicals on their civilian populations or murderers responsible for mass graves in Eastern Europe.

That would be messy and dangerous. Cowards don’t like to face danger, they run from it or they endorse it with the hope that the danger will pass by them and focus on someone else.

Most of all they hate me and they hate the United States because we support the nation if Israel and we recognize their right to exist. So powerful and irrational is the Anti-Semitism that drives the American and European left that they don’t even hide their support for Palestinians who bomb women and children in peaceful Israeli cities.

It is impossible to sway these moral idiots, just look at their faces when the TV camera scans the crowd at a so-called “peace” rally. My friends the so-called peace movement is anything but peaceful. Listen to them for 10 minutes and hear their own words if you don’t believe mine.

What they want is forced “equality” because no one (in their eyes) should be better off than anyone else. My friends, liberty and equality cannot coexist for one cannot be equal as long as others are free to better themselves.

The leftist/socliast view of the world is one where capitalism and freedom only serves to allow discrimination and an inequal distribution of wealth based on merit and hard work. Our view of the world is one where freedom and capitalism gives every individual the opportunity to make their own way in life, regardless of race or religion.

So when I see these protesters calling me a Nazi or whining that the US is a threat to world peace I say, stupidity is rampant in any free society. And thanks to the freedom afforded to every US and British citizen, so too is the right to express such stupidity.

But let us not be fooled into thinking that these hateful protesters are patriotic simply because they are taking advantage of the freedom most other countries do give them. It is not patriotic to take advantage of freedom and use it to try and destroy the freedom of others. It is certainly not patriotic to use that freedom to tear down the very government that provides it.

Make no mistake about it, these people hate because they are just too dumb to appreciate what they have and just too selfish to fight for the rights of others to enjoy it as well.

That’s why they hate me. And it is a hate that I cherish because, every time I see a group of protesters it is a constant reminder that we are doing the right thing in Iraq, in Afghanastan and around the world.