Will Salisbury’s Attorneys Finally Tell the Truth In Time to Save the Tomaselli Sisters’ Home



On September 14, 2015 the Tomasellis went before the Salisbury Board of Selectmen/Sewer Commissioners and asked them to instruct attorneys for the town to tell the courts, that the Tomasellis were not responsible to pay for this sewer betterment. They did not own the property in 1982 when the assessment was “imposed”.
Why hasn’t the town and their attorneys informed the courts?

The Town is aware that they never recorded this May 17, 1982 vote as required by law. Yet, their attorneys have always claimed the assessment was March 16, 1992 and that Tomaselli was liable because they owned the property on March 16, 1992.

The Town gave false information and false evidence to all the courts because, they claimed, the assessment vote was on March 16, 1992. Once the Town won in every court using this false March 16, 1992 date, they continued to fool each court in order for the town to win. This is the primary reason the town won in every court. In March 2015, Town Manager Neil Harrington produced the Town’s concealed May 17, 1982 town vote. He only did so after being ordered to comply with Secretary of State Galvin’s order to release the public documents.
All the courts made their decision based on the wrong facts given by the Town.

You see, it has been very lucrative for the Town’s attorneys Kopelman and Paige and Coppola and Coppola to conceal public records from the courts and then give false information to the judges by claiming that the Tomaselli sisters were liable for a sewer betterment they were not ever liable for.

The Board of Selectmen were informed that the town had a duty to record the May 17, 1982 vote at the Registry of Deeds and bill the liable assessed owners who owned the property in 1982 NOT in 1992.

Selectmen Ed Hunt said we will get to the bottom of this.