Winter Pests ~ THE PEST END GIRLS!

The Pest Girls (Amanda Forrestall & Courtney Carace)
The Pest Girls (Amanda Forrestall & Courtney Carace)

Though we have enjoyed an extremely mild fall, we know all-too-well that winter in New England can quickly sneak up on us and inflict a lot of misery. In addition to backbreaking shoveling and worrying about the snow piling up on our roofs, winter weather causes other issues that we may not necessarily immediately consider or notice such as our landscaping and hardscaping efforts.

During the spring and summer months, we often invest a lot of time and money into maintaining and improving our yards and properties. The cold, snow and ice can severely undermine our endeavors. Below we have provided some helpful tips on how to best preserve all of the hard work and effort that has gone into making your yard beautiful in the warmer months.

Be Aware of Pests – Outdoor pests tend to either die off or overwinter in other places during the colder months. However, winter is a great time to observe and inspect around your patio or walkways for signs of pests in order to treat for them in early spring before they can cause damage later in the year.

Reduce Use of Salt or De-Icers – Reduce your reliance on corrosive de-icers such as sodium chloride or calcium chloride and gas-powered equipment. These products may damage your brick and stonework. In addition, they can severely injure your lawn. For minor snowfall events, immediately removing snow and ice will help to avoid the need for deicers. When necessary, use environmentally friendly types of de-icers such as magnesium chloride or potassium chloride to help minimize their impact on your brick, stonework and lawns.

Be Aware of Snow Removal Equipment – Using powerful and heavy equipment to blow or plow snow may lead to damage on your lawn. Make sure to properly mark your driveway to ensure the plow blade does not dig up portions of your lawn. If there is heavy snowfall during the winter and the only place to pile it is on your lawn, designate a specific area where you would like the plow to push it to ensure minimal damage to the rest of your lawn.

Keeping these tips in mind will help maintain your yard’s beautiful appearance. Now, let us all cross our fingers and hope for a mild, snow-free winter and an early spring!