Woman Thought to be in Danger Now Wanted By Methuen Police

July 10, 2017- (Original Report Below)Cindy Lugo, Sisi Paperz

The woman that Methuen police have been desperately looking for since Saturday, believing her life to be in danger as a witness to a man being pistol whipped and robbed, is now herself, wanted by police. 

Methuen police released a wanted photo of the woman early Monday afternoon which states that Cindy Lugo, (known only to police as Sisi Paperz until now), is wanted for armed robbery, accessory before the fact, and an outstanding felony warrant on other charges. 

Police now believe that Cindy Lugo lured Gustavo Rosario of Boston, to Camden St. in Methuen as part of a scheme to set him up. Chief Solomon could not be reached for comment for this report. 

Man Pistol Whipped, Robbed on Camden St., Methuen Police Seek Woman Who May Be In Danger

SISIBy: Tom Duggan – July 9, 2017

Methuen Police are looking for a woman who may be in danger after possibly witnessing a man being pistol whipped on Camden St. Saturday night. 

Valley Patriot sources say that shortly after 8 O’Clock Saturday night, Gustavo Rosario of Boston showed up at the Methuen police station bleeding from his head, telling police that he was ambushed and pistol whipped on Camden Street while waiting in his car for “a friend”.

Rosario said that the woman he was waiting for came out of the house but went back in because she forgot something. That’s when, Rosario says, two men got into his car and pistol whipped him and stole his jewelry. A third man was described as a lookout did not get into the vehicle. 

Methuen Fire transported Mr. Rosario from the police station to Holy Family Hospital, who discharged him, only to have him back a short time later for severe vomiting and passing out. 

Methuen Police are trying to locate the woman who may have witnessed the attack, as she could be in serious danger.

The Methuen police said that they would issue an official press release later Sunday afternoon and would not comment on the matter other than stressing the urgent need to check on the well being of the woman.   

She goes by the street name Sisi Paperz and is pictured above. If anyone might know her or know where she may be, police are asking for the public’s help.


SUSPECT 1: Heavy set, light skinned male, wearing glasses, black baseball hat, black pants and sweatshirt.

SUSPECT 2: Heavy set, light skinned male wearing all black. 

LOOKOUT: A black male, tall, thin build wearing a black sweater, white t-shirt and red shorts.


Methuen Police at 978.983.8677