Women, Victim’s Rights Advocate Endorses Scott Brown In North Andover

By: Tom Duggan – October, 23 2012

United States Senator Scott Brown
United States Senator Scott Brown

Laurie Myers, president of Community Voices, a non – profit children’s advocacy group is endorsing United States Senator Scott Brown this afternoon at Stachys Pizza on High Street in North Andover at a “Women for Brown” rally.

Myers told the Valley Patriot this morning that she is not endorsing Brown on behalf of the organization but doing so on behalf of herself.

“I have worked with Scott since 2004 and he has been a great advocate for women and children and particularly victim’s rights,” Myers said in an exclusive interview this morning. “It really sets me off when I see Elizabeth Warren’s television ads trying to scare women on the issue of abortion when we know Scott Brown is pro-choice.”

Myers said she is disturbed by Warren’s “choice” message. “We need a senator that is really pro-choice and pro choices,” she continued. “Choices for their families, choices for jobs, for schools for their children, choices for the economy, that’s what women care about, their choices for their families. Women care about a lot of different issues not just abortion, women are not one dimensional or one issue voters. But you don’t scare women to get votes by being dishonest about the choice issue. Women are smarter than that.”

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, Angela Hudak and Christine Morabito, resident of the Greater Boston Tea Party
New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, Angela Hudak and Christine Morabito, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party at a Brown rally this weekend attended mostly by women.

“We need a Senator Like Scott Brown who understands what women today are really going through with the struggles of the economy. I have a child who graduated from college and is $24,000 in debt. He’s  worried about finding a job. I have another child who just graduated high school and is talking about going into military. I want to know what he is getting into, what is going on [with foreign affairs]. And I have a daughter and I am worried about the choices she is going to have in the economy, in the job market. What kind of choices will my children have?

Myers said she has always been pro-choice, “I have worked with victims of crime who have had to make choices. And it’s a desperate situation for some women, it’s very personal. For Elizabeth Warren to use ‘choice’ to scare women for votes especially when you lie and say Brown is not for choice. I have women who say to me they are not voting for Brown because he is anti-women. And it couldn’t be any further from the truth. I have seen for a fact he sat with people who nobody would ever talk to, women that other politicians wouldn’t even open the door for them because of how sensitive their situation is. Believe me Scott Brown cares about women and he cares about choice…. But he also cares about choices. The message Elizabeth Warren is putting out there about Scott Brown says a lot more about her own character. It would be nice if Warren would just go out and stick to the facts without trying to scare women.