By: Rick Bellanti – July, 2018

Six months have gone by since we talked about our New Year’s resolutions, remember those? It’s okay if you don’t, fifty percent of us have moved on from our New Year’s Eve promises to ourselves, within the first six months. If you are still going strong, congratulations and keep going. If you stopped and fell back on old ways, but still have it in your head to get back on, just do it.

You don’t need a new year or a new week to start, start right now (any day can be Day 1) that’s right even at 4:00pm on a Wednesday. Make the decision and begin a happier, healthier you. Remember to keep your goals realistic and take it one day at a time. You’re starting a new journey as a lifestyle change (not a diet), there is no reason to rush because there is no finish line.

There was a good question last week, when someone asked; Do I really need to join a gym or health club to lose weight and be healthy? My short answer is; No, no one really needs to do anything they don’t want to do. You need to find what works for you and something that will help you stay motivated to continue whatever it is you choose to do. For better results it’s always best to incorporate both, healthy eating, and working out, into your wellness routine. I didn’t start working out until I was into my sixth month of my weight loss and wellness journey and I started out by just simply walking. It wasn’t until my seventh month that I started to workout out and build lean muscle.

There are many reasons why people don’t like to enter a gym, one being intimidated by things such as the many confusing workout machines and loud atmosphere. Some are like me, extremely shy and afraid of any interaction with other club members or being self-conscious about how we look. You may find that it’s too expensive for your budget or there may not be a convenient location or operating hours for your schedule.

Don’t like the gym or can’t get to a gym? There are simple techniques to improve your daily physical activities that do not require a gym membership. Try taking the stairs instead of an elevator, park your car the furthest spot away from your destination and walk a little extra. Go for a walk on your lunch hour or take the kids to the park instead of watching TV. Just try to be more active throughout your day; its these little changes that will add up before you know it and you’ll see improvements.Working out at home can be a lit

tle safer for some of us that feel the need to be alone, or that have a busy schedule and want to fit our workouts in when we can, especially if we have families to take care of as well. The key to any of your exercise routines is not where or when you go, it is consistency of your workout and sticking to your plan to reach and smash your goals.

A simple create your own 60 minute routine can give you big changes without much traveling or spending money on memberships. You need a warm up routine which can be something as easy as stretching and a walk for 15 minutes outside or on a treadmill. Next, will be some cardiovascular exercise like running in place, jumping rope or riding a bike for 15 minutes. Followed by 15 minutes of resistance training (strength building), examples like squats, dumbbells, pushups and ab crunches (my favorite), and lastly a cool down period of 15 minutes where you can incorporate some relaxation techniques such a meditation and yoga positions.

Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program if you have any concerns or chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or if you haven’t exercised for a long time. Plan on just 4 times a week with three off days, strategically placed in between to give your body time to rest. Always start off slow and build up your intensity as you see fit, remember to keep your heart rate up and keep moving forward.
Rick Bellanti is a wellness columnist and is on a journey himself to lose 240lbs, and has lost 160lbs since the start of 2015. You can find Rick on Facebook at: Getting Healthy with Rick Bellanti.