You Are a Bad Person!

By: Duncan Burns – May, 2019

You’re a bad person. You’re also a bad American. You simply do not know what’s good for you or this country. That is the kind of rhetoric being spread by so-called “woke” people in this country, backed by a corrupted and partisan media.

The political polarization and anger in this country gave us President Donald Trump, a fact that many on both sides of the political aisle can agree on. While the reasoning may not be the same of how Trump came to be, he is in fact The President of The United States.

With that said, while people continue to argue and champion their respective Party, I’d like to point out a couple of observances that has somehow been lost over the years. Maybe “lost” is the wrong word, perhaps “conditioned” is better because it appears that many Americans have either accepted defeat, or programmed to believe they’re wrong, a loss of identity perhaps. A lot of this conditioning comes in many forms, whether it be on social media, the corporate owned news stations, or the politicians themselves.

We have been told that bailing out Wall Street over The People was good for us, only to find out later, in the words of former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Timothy Geithner that it was to “foam the runways” for Wall Street. The same Federal Reserve decided Too Big To Fail banks should also be paid interest on excess reserves, monies that are not lent, but simply held, who turns down free money? Not to be outdone, The Fed engaged in Quantitative Easing, a literal digital printing of monies in the trillions-of-dollars, only accessible by the few, at zero interest rates (ZIRP) to be gambled in our markets. A policy of which, wiped out an entire generation of savers, many who were elderly, who thought their CDs and/or savings would carry them through retirement. The Financial Accounting Standards Board decided to suspend “mark-to-market” (FASB-157) accounting standards, allowing outright hiding or writing off of debt(s) on balance sheets.

An equal rule of law simply no longer exists. Nowadays, depending on which Party you belong to, a secret court, with secret judges, issuing secret warrants based on secret evidence is considered acceptable. Free speech can now be called “hate speech” even though there’s no such thing. Your due process is also in jeopardy, where the ultimate penalty could be a drone strike without so much as a hearing on your guilt or innocence. Or even worse, like right here in Massachusetts, where political cronyism and ideology usurps everything, especially in our judicial system. A judicial system so corrupted, it was responsible for no less than three murders in 2018, two of which were police officers. Politicians, at all levels of government, have put The Second Amendment on trial. My question is: If that right is in jeopardy, which right is next? While the U.S. Supreme Court has Decisions that have placed restrictions on various Amendments spelled out in The Bill of Rights, unlike our political establishment, SCOTUS has never Decided to abolish any of them. Rights are for me, not for thee, according to some.

Our healthcare system is a disaster, for those that need to pay for it anyways. Obamacare was a direct subsidization of the industry, via theft of taxpayer monies, and given to many of those who don’t deliver any care at all. Much like the rising costs of a college education, where monies go to those who don’t teach a single class, for a decades-long losing return on investment.

I digress.

No, Senator Bernie Sanders “Medicare-For-All” doesn’t work either, in fact, he has a record of voting against cost cutting, but that doesn’t matter in an era where a lie needs only to be believed. Public insurers don’t mind, their lobbyists delivered, as executives at these firms have cashed in over $2 billion according to SEC filings since Obamacare passage. Finally, when it comes to all things healthcare, remember those in Congress imposing the cost of such upon you are exempt. A decision by The Office of Personnel Management during The Obama Administration decided that Congress Members, their families, and staff could be taxpayer subsidized.

Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Democrats, Republicans, not much has changed. They all play the same games (i.e. employment, war-mongering, crony capitalism), pitting Americans against each other, lying to us, making many believe that The American People, over 300 million strong, should bow down to the 535, or those in charge of their respective gerrymandered states. Many of the problems in this country, such as a growing and massive income disparity, are caused by policies of those who continually screw us, and they’re voted right back into office!

Then again, those of us in Massachusetts do the same thing, we send those who instituted having the most secretive legislative, judicial, and executive branches of state government in the nation back to Beacon Hill. We’re living in an era (and state) where personal liberty is attacked daily, in the name of political & ideological tyranny. Maybe I’ll use my White privilege and have a criminal illegal alien serve me some more cake. ◊