Lawrence Uses Education Funds for Inaugural Party

Lawrence Uses Education Funds for Inaugural Party

  By: Tom Duggan – March 2006 While suburban cities and towns like North Andover are cutting their teaching staff and eliminating art and music programs due to lack of funding, Wilfredo Laboy and the Lawrence School Committee have chosen to use state education dollars for out of state travel conferences (to the tune of $4,000) […]

Hero in Our Midst – Ed Mitchell – Valley Patriot of the Month, March, 2006

By: Ted Tripp – March, 2006 NORTH ANDOVER- An electrical short circuit had forced early termination of the dive of the Navy’s Deep Submergence Research Vehicle, Turtle. As the Turtle returned to its support ship and was loaded on board, the electrical problem turned into a raging fire that threatened the sub, the support ship […]

Freedom Deserves More Than Lip Service

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL  March, 2006 The people of the Arab world declared war on freedom and all who defend it when they committed violence around the globe in response to political cartoons depicting their prophet Muhammad. Some even in a flattering light.  They now believe that Islamic law, always reserved exclusively for those who follow […]


 On March 2, 2006, Judge Peter C. Digangi issued a temporary restraining order denying Kevin Thompson his first amendment rights to distribute or discuss his recently released book titled, “Exposing the Corruption in the Massachusetts Family Courts.”  A hearing on this matter is scheduled for Friday, March 10, 2006, at 8:30 AM in Salem Probate […]