An Accounting of Your Tax Dollars in Georgetown -Spending on Absent Teachers Nearly Exceeds Fire Dept. Outlays


georgetownBy: Lonnie Brennan – November, 2013

According to the 2012 Georgetown earnings records, recently obtained by The Valley Patriot, the Georgetown School Department spent $331,585.09 on substitute teachers in 2012, just $6,892.13 less than it spent on its entire fire and ambulance salary outlays for the year.

The records revealed that 106 individuals received pay as ‘School Substitutes’ for 2012. One long-term substitute grossed $24,359.25, while most earned in the $1,000 to $5,000 range. Expenditures for ‘Teacher’ salaries totalled an additional $8,627,219.27 for 163 listed as teachers (with earnings from $1,442.40 to $98,156.66). Additional spending for school ‘Support’ personnel exceeded $1.8 million. Administrative expenditures exceeded $511,000, and school lunch salaries totalled $216,033.58.

The town spent $14,383.05 on its Park and Recreation salaries (Richard Whitehouse $8,292.92; Richard Gardella $3,013.69; and Janet Dalton $3,076.44).

The town spent $63,941.79 on its part-time Board of Health salaries and contract inspectors.

Absent Teachers Cause Town to Spend Almost as Much on Substitutes as Entire Fire/Ambulance Department

For 2012, the Georgetown earnings listing was once again topped by Superintendent of Schools Carol Jacobs who hauled in $180,362.81. Now retired light department manager Wayne Snow grossed $130,097.00, and was followed closely by Chad Cunningham of the light department with gross earnings of $113,432.05.

Additional gross earnings are listed below. The total listing for 2012 included 596 individuals receiving checks for services rendered for the Town of Georgetown.

Note that town hall employees receive an additional 10 weeks of what is loosely referred to as ‘vacation’ time (approximately 50 extra days off per year, as Town Hall is closed every Friday), and almost all employees will receive 60-80% of their earnings each and every year in their retirement. So, remember, it’s not about the salary, it’s about the retirement and other benefits.

Top 40 Earners:

Carol Jacobs $180,362.81 School Adm
Wayne Snow $130,097.00 Light Dept
Peter Lucia $121,662.29 School Adm
Chad Cunningham $114,432.05 Light Dept
James Mulligan $112,850.76 Police Dept
Scott Hatch $106,873.56 Police Dept
Donna Tanner $102,004.99 School Adm
Donald Cudmore $101,910.97 Police Dept
David Thomson $99,257.34 Police Dept
Brian Gill $98,156.66 Middle/High Teacher
Michael Farrell $97,702.30 Town Hall
Kevin Defeo $96,820.60 Police Dept
Julie Deroche $96,457.24 Middle/High Teacher
Kyle Morse $93,775.74 Light Dept;
Margaret Maher $92,961.63 Perley Teacher;
Elizabeth Carroll $91,117.15 Pennbrook Teacher;
Stephen Umbro $90,798.80 Middle/High Teacher
Peter Durkee $89,693.63 Highway Dept
Deborah Difruscio $86,966.78 Middle/High Teacher
Guy Prescott $84,437.03 Middle/High Teacher
Cerise Cauthron $83,090.56 Middle/High Teacher
Michael Goddu $83,043.04 Police Dept
Glenn Smith $82,016.10 Water Dept
Dennis Sullivan $81,893.28 Police Dept
Troy Carr $81,886.31 Middle/High Teacher
Julie Lamoly $80,771.70 Middle/High Teacher
Derek Jones $80,584.82 Police Dept
James Rodden $80,202.68 Police Dept
Robert Dash $79,460.59 Water Dept
Richard Hastings $79,197.52 Middle/High Teacher
Joseph Pittella $79,060.60 Middle/High Teacher
Heidi Begin $78,761.52 Perley Teacher
Dawn Rezendes $78,312.43 Pennbrook Teacher
Diane Weldon $78,222.41 Middle/High Teacher
Sandra Starratt $77,755.73 Middle/High Teacher
Kimberly Leonard $77,565.88 Pennbrook Teacher
Eileen Lee $76,620.53 Middle/High Teacher
Heidi Mongeau $76,474.33 Middle/High Teacher
Janice Downing $75,289.60 Middle/High Teacher
Michelle Pallotta $75,255.92 Middle/High Teacher.

More information to follow. Refer to for summary charts.