An Accounting of Your Tax Dollars in Georgetown -Spending on Absent Teachers Nearly Exceeds Fire Dept. Outlays

  By: Lonnie Brennan – November, 2013 According to the 2012 Georgetown earnings records, recently obtained by The Valley Patriot, the Georgetown School Department spent $331,585.09 on substitute teachers in 2012, just $6,892.13 less than it spent on its entire fire and ambulance salary outlays for the year. The records revealed that 106 individuals received […]

Top 40 – Taxpayer Supported Earners

Top 40 – Taxpayer  Supported  Earners

  By: Lawrence, “Lonine” Brennnan – September, 2011 As we head into an important fiscal year, with the first of what has been promised to be several tax-overrides recently approved, we note that we’re a bit behind in posting taxpayer expenditures. Specifically, the top 40 taxpayer supported earners of 2010. (The Valley Patriot had previously […]

‘Heroes always … celebrating an anniversary’

GEORGETOWN TODAY By: Lonnie Brennan – March, 2010 Over the past years I’ve had the privilege to contribute a few words and reflect on a few thoughts regarding our fine communities; some positive observations, some less than desirable. Nothing has been more of an honor than meeting and listening to the many Valley Patriot Heroes […]

‘Anyone But Deval’ – A year in Review

  By: Lawrence, “Lonnie” Brennan – January, 2010 They say that every path has a few puddles, and for many, 2009 was a washout. The year began with Gov. Deval ‘Together-We-Can’ Patrick’s foot pushed flat against the spending pedal.  Fresh off another round of finding taxpayer funded jobs for his friends and neighbors, the ‘Gov.’ […]