Brad Jones: Killing the Republican Party from Within?

Brad-JonesBy: Lawrence “Lonnie” Brennan – February, 2014

Why do we have EBT abuse? Why do we have automatic increases to the gas tax? Why do we have increases in sales, meals, and liquor taxes? Why are we a magnet state for illegal aliens? Because extremist liberals have taken control of the Democrat party. Shamed it. Made the Kennedy-loving generation embarrassed to be called Democrats. And, they’ve hoodwinked the electorate, and are large and in-charge.

Meanwhile, Republican long-term State Representative and Minority Leader Brad Jones continues to wage a war on conservatives, especially conservative Republicans. What is he trying to do? We need strong conservative Republicans to stem the tide of taxpayer abuse from the extremists who hijacked the Democrat party. By attacking conservative Republicans, the Honorable Brad Jones apparently appears complicit in an attempt to kill the Republican party from within.

We’ve witnessed the pattern of either self-preservation (trying to cling onto his fragile house ‘leadership’ position), and apparent outright abuse of his fellow Republicans if they dare try to get their ‘leader’ to do his job. The list is long, and it’s getting worse.

EBT abuse: Republican representative after Republican representative spoke out against it, rallied to try to stem the extremist Democrats and reign in waste. Why is the ‘leader’, Brad Jones, always a shrill voice of despair from the darkness, never out front, showing leadership? Always a few steps behind, always a little too much bluster, and too little effectiveness. Where was the leader’s leadership?

Automatic tax increases: More than 120,000 taxpayers signed a petition to stop the recently enacted future automatic increases each and every year on the gas tax. A hearing was held on Beacon Hill and the extremist Democrats said there’s no reason to pay attention to the petition, they need every dime to dole out and re-distribute. Screw the working commuter. Screw the taxpayer. Where was Brad Jones? Always a few steps behind, always a little too much bluster, and too little effectiveness. Where was the leader’s leadership?

Meanwhile, as noted talk show host Michael Graham noted recently, in a critical Mass Republican Committee senatorial district caucus, the Honorable Mr. Jones backed an extremist whose does dual-duty: works for Mr. Jones, and also works as a high profile member of an organization which actively works against conservatives (most notably roughly half of Mr. Jones’ own Republican caucus – the conservative leaning Republicans)!

Michael Graham was correct in asking what in the world Mr. Jones is doing employing a Republican killer, and asking why in the world Mr. Jones would want that person to gain a key position on the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, a position which would have given the conservative-killer direct access to the inner workings of the MassGOP. Instead of supporting the person for such a position, he should have been actively blocking her! What was Jones thinking? Is he thinking?

Any time someone is willing to rock, Mr. Jones’s comfortable yacht, he’s is quick to take action against the conservative. So, we must ask the question: is he trying to kill the Republican party from the inside? Or has he just been an insider so long, a power-broker in his little corner of state house politics for so long, that he’s lost touch, grown too comfortable with his plush furnishings since 1994? We need a strong conservative opposition to the extremists in Massachusetts government.

How can our party and our ranks in the legislature grown when the minority leader is hiring staff and supporting folks that work for an organization dedicated to defeat so many Republicans?