An Interview with MTV Star, Brittany Baldi of Methuen

BRITTANY2MTV’s Brittany Baldi took time out of her busy schedule doing reality television shows and all her other projects to talk with Valley Patriot publisher and Paying Attention Radio! host, Tom Duggan, who broadcasts his show on 980WCAP in Lowell. The Methuen native had already shot her final appearance on MTV’s Battle of the Ex’s 2 but it had not yet aired at the time of the interview last month.

Duggan: Brittany Baldi is in a couple of new shows. Currently, she is on a new show MTV Battle of the Exes. You have lasted longer than most people ever expected; can you talk a little bit about the show?

Brittany: “Yeah, sure. Me being a rookie actually, on the TV show was such an amazing experience. I grew up watching it, as did probably most of the people in this area, and even all across the world. The show is aired in a ton of different countries. And believe it or not, I did not expect to last this long either, and a lot of people that I talk to are like, “Oh my god, as a rookie you lasted so long!” or maybe I won and people don’t even know yet.

So, honestly, my experience was so incredible. I got to live in Panama for about 45 days, and the amount of crazy experiences that I had out there … what you see on TV is not even half of the battle. It was so intense. Like that first challenge for example, I was walking across those [high rise] buildings on tightropes!

That is something that I will never be able to experience ever again. The most wild part about that, I was telling my parents last night, is that one day my kids are going to watch this and [say] “Oh my god, Mom, you’re psychotic! What were you thinking while you doing this?”

Duggan: So you started off with MTV’s Are You The One. That’s when America fell in love with Brittany Baldi. From there, you are now doing two reality TV shows. You’re not just doing MTV’s Battle of the Exes, you’re doing another TV show that is kind of like Talking Dead (the show after The Walking Dead where they talk about what happened in the episode). Can you talk about that?

Brittany: “I’m obviously from the Boston area. I grew up in New England my whole life. Recently, I moved to Los Angeles. I love it out there. There’s no snow, no snowflakes in sight, believe it or not.
(EDITORS NOTE: We didn’t appreciate the gloating over the weather.)

And I’m out there trying to pursue my career in TV hosting. I actually started out with Maria Menounos’ company. She owns a company out there called After Buzz TV. It’s a great studio. We get to go in there, and the whole premise of that station is: they take a bunch of different TV shows and they have after show [discussions].

So … people get to watch [shows] like The Walking Dead. The Challenge is actually one of the shows that they cover, and we as hosts go in there and do an after-show wrap up. It’s kind of like what they do with sports … we go in there and break down all of the different characters and talk about what happened, episode by episode. It’s really great for the viewer. It’s actually done by podcast so you can listen to it live, you can watch it live online, or we have it up on YouTube afterwards.”

Duggan: Now, what made you want to do this? I know that every kid wants to be on TV but you didn’t just want to do something, you went out and you did it. You went to all these auditions; you have put in the work. Now, you’ve come as a rookie on this show and you’ve outlasted almost everybody. I mean, you are up there doing things most guys I know can’t do. Give us a preview. What happens from here?

Brittany: “Although I can’t tell you too much information about what’s to come next, because the last episode kind just ended with a cliffhanger almost … it’s Adam and I battling it out in the dome with Riley. It’s really intense competition, and at this point, this is my first time going into elimination and literally, the episode ends with us about to either win or lose this elimination.

Adam and Riley both, literally jump up and try to grab the bell and no one knows who wins yet. It’s a great cliffhanger and I’m excited for viewers to watch next Tuesday.

As far as me and my career … this actually all happened by fate I guess, and chance. I was in college and someone asked me to do a modeling shoot. I did that, put up the photos online and then people started asking me to do things such as promotional modeling, photographs for Barstool Sports (which I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar with). I’ve been on magazine and book covers and what not.

And then I started with TV. My first reality TV show was back in 2010 for MTV called Is She Really Going Out With Him. Then I got another TV show with Rob Gronkowski on Fox. It was called “The Choice”, which is kind of like the TV show “The Voice” only it was another dating show.

That was really interesting and then I did “Are You The One” and everything’s been a big snowball factor. I’m doing TV hosting and that’s ultimately what my major career goal is. I would love to do TV hosting full time and I’m sure that I’ll get there at some point.”

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