Anti-Police Hysteria, Media Lies: The Lesson of Ferguson – VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL 12-14

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson fought off his would-be killer Michael Brown, who attacked him in his cruiser, tried to shoot Wilson with his own gun, and eventually was killed when charging at the officer.

That is what the science says.

Forensic evidence shows Michael Brown’s blood was inside the front seat of Officer Wilson’s cruiser and on his uniform.

Bullet holes were found inside the driver’s side door. Autopsies by not only MO County examiners, but also Eric Holder’s Dept. of Justice, show that Michael Brown was shot in the thumb with gun powder embedded in his hand, proving Brown was holding the gun when it went off.

Science, and forensic evidence also shows that Brown was charging forward at the officer when he fired the fatal shot to Brown’s head.

Given these scientific facts, the grand jury in Ferguson voted not to charge Officer Wilson and that he killed Michel Brown in self-defense. Unfortunately, the facts didn’t seem to matter by the time this decision was reached. Those who exploit racial division had already promoted the fake news narrative of a wild, racist, white cop gunning for any black man he could kill (with a “news” media all too eager to whip up racial hatred for ratings).

There are two types of people when such stories are hyped by the “news” media.

The first, are those who make up their minds long before any evidence, science, or forensics are established. They want to believe one side because it fits their world view. In this case: “white cop” equals bad … while “young black criminal” equals good.

The other type of person waits for evidence, facts, and science before making up their minds, because they are not interested in promoting a narrative, but seeking the truth based on … just the facts, ma’am.

Being in the second category, we are horrified by the lies and propaganda of those who rest in the first.

CNN, Al Jazeera America, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and almost every other news channel stoked the flame of hatred, hyping the fact that Brown was “an unarmed black teen” to psychologically manipulate the public into believing Officer Wilson committed murder.

They also hyped the accusations of racism, despite the fact that not one shred of evidence has been produced to show racial bias, hatred, or prejudice on the part of Officer Wilson.

With millions of news reporters obsessed with vilifying Wilson, you might think that they’d have dug up even one Facebook posting, tweet, former girlfriend, fellow officer, or even childhood friend alleging or showing Wilson had hatred or prejudice for black people.

To this minute that has not happened.

The fact is, those who marched, protested, rioted and looted in memory of their hero and would be cop-killer, Michael Brown, can promote all the lies and distortions they want, but their actions are clear.

Supporting Michael Brown in the wake of real science, evidence, and a Dept. of Justice autopsy, shows that they support violent, black criminals having the “right” to attack police officers in their cars, shoot them with their own guns, and do so with impunity because of paranoid delusions of mass persecution by white America. Delusions that were promoted and propagandized by the news media, Hollywood, and the White House.

We support Officer Darren Wilson in the wake of the science and the evidence. Those who don’t are clearly science-deniers who hate white people, hate cops, and worst of all hate science and the truth … especially when that truth flies in the face of what they wanted to happen, instead of what did happen.