Barbara L’Italien, Candidate for State Senate Has Tax Lien $7,618 in Taxes, Lent Campaign $13K


By: Tom Duggan – 9/23/14

(Follow up story HERE)

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has placed a tax lien on former State Representative Barbara L’Italien, who is a member of the Andover School Committee and a candidate for State Senate in Massachusetts.

According to the tax lien L’Italien refused to pay $7,618.58 in taxes in 2011 and 2012 while she was working for the State Treasurer’s office making approximately $105,000 a year.

She secured the job just days after losing her seat in the House of Representatives to Jim Lyons of Andover during the 2010 campaign. 

For the year 2011 L’Italien still owes $6,093.51 and for the year 2012 L’Italien owes $1,525.07. 

Despite owing the Massachusetts State Taxpayers $7,618.58 going back to 2011, L’Italien’s campaign finance reports obtained by the Secretary of State’s Office show that Barbara L’Italien donated $10,000 to her State Senate campaign.

LITALIEN-headThe first donation of $5,000 was on May 30, 2014, the second $5,000 donation was made on August 15, 2014. A third loan was made in the amount of $3,000 on August 28, 2014. 

During the 2010 election for State Representative, L’Italien attacked another candidate when it was learned that he was behind in paying taxes, calling him a tax cheat.

L’Italien told The Eagle Tribune on October 24, 2010:  “This speaks to the heart of his credibility. Successful small businessmen don’t cheat fellow small business owners and fellow taxpayers.”

 L’Italien won the Democratic Party’s nomination for Sate Senate on September 9th, defeating Pavel Payano and Doris Rodriguez of Lawrence. She is facing Republican Aliex Vispoli who sits as a member of the Andover Board of Selectmen. 

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