Being Maura Healey’s Friend Comes with the Best Perk

By: Bharai Padmanabhan

ByMaura’s friends are the luckiest.

To have the Attorney General in your corner is the best Get Out of Jail Free card. Many decisions are discretionary but can apply to mere “hoi polloi”. Where is the fun in that? To be truly special your friend must break a law for you. That is when you know you are elite, member of the Inner Party, above the proles.

Methuen’s Loretta Cooke is one such elite persona.

In November, Tom Duggan published his superb report from Lawrence District Court on the Halloween Day trial where Loretta tried to get a restraining order on me. Maura had not spoken in chambers to the judge, so he applied the law as required and threw Loretta out of court as she deserved.
Well, Maura soon corrected her error.

I sued Loretta for libel. Case 1782CV01510. And Maura showed up to defend her friend at public expense in a private libel case about Loretta lying to Methuen Police claiming that I am mentally unstable and stalked her with a handgun. Loretta committed a crime under MGL ch. 269 Section 13A.
Maura declared that her friend lied to Methuen Police in the course of her official duties at the state medical board and so the AG must defend Loretta at public expense.

One can argue that, this far, Maura Healey was merely engaged in discretionary decision-making. After all, the AG can declare that pistol-whipping a customer in a bar on a Saturday night is within a state trooper’s official duties but a Colonel reprimanding a trooper for including a judge’s daughter’s statements is not within the Colonel’s official duties.
Discretionary, get it?

Just like Martha Coakley never prosecuted Jared Remy for raping 14-year old Tiffany Guyette. She cared deeply about women and children, our Martha. Naturally the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus honored her with an award after Remy then murdered a woman.

But here is where Loretta joined the truly elite. Maura broke a specific state law when she spent tax money to defend Loretta in my private libel lawsuit in civil court.

At some point when we actually supported checks and balances on the AG, our legislature passed a statute that bans the AG from representing state employees at tax payers’ expense in libel cases.

MGL chapter 258, Section 10. The provisions of sections one to eight, inclusive, shall not apply to:

(c) any claim arising out of an intentional tort, including assault, battery, false imprisonment, false arrest, intentional mental distress, malicious prosecution, malicious abuse of process, libel, slander, misrepresentation, deceit, invasion of privacy, interference with advantageous relations or interference with contractual relations

Maura undeniably broke a specific law on behalf of her friend and co-defendant. Oh wait, I haven’t mentioned both friends are co-defendants in a federal racketeering lawsuit, have I? It is true.

Case 1:17-cv-11939.

I protested to Judge Rosalind Miller that Maura broke a specific law. Judge Miller ruled that she was perfectly okay with it. This is Massachusetts after all.
I sent certified mail to state officials responsible for governance. Just like Michigan State University’s in-house counsel Kristine Moore ignored Larry Nassar’s victims for years, they haven’t cared. I asked First Assistant AG Mary Strother to intervene as she must not be complicit with a clear statutory violation. I informed the AGO’s Counsel Richard Johnston that he must end statutory violations by the AG. I wrote to State Auditor Bump. All stayed silent.

State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg’s office told me they cannot block unlawful expenditures by the AG and that I should contact Comptroller Thomas Shack. I already had. His CTHRU website says Loretta is no longer a state employee. After two weeks of messages via email, certified mail and Twitter, the comptroller’s people finally wrote they could do nothing about the AG spending tax money to violate state law. That is why we spend $8.8 million on the comptroller, get it?

I filed a criminal complaint with Essex County D.A Blodgett. It is just sitting there, soon to vanish.

What all these named state officials have made clear is one undeniable fact. The Massachusetts elite are untouchable and may break state law and spend tax dollars at will, and not one of these named officials will stand up and say ‘Stop breaking the law.’

Thanks to them all, Loretta now enjoys life amongst the Inner Party elite, with all three branches of state government committed to breaking a state law to protect her at public expense though she lied to the police.

Wouldn’t you like to be Maura’s friend too?

Bharani Padmanabhan MD PhD is a multiple sclerosis neurologist. On July 12, 2017 the state medical board stole his license because he reported Medicaid fraud to the government.