Blatchford Drops Out of Lawrence City Council Race After Being Fired From State House

Blatchford2Former Lawrence School Committeeman Jim Blatchford has withdrawn from the 2017 city council race. Blatchford was fired last Friday, as an aide to Rep. Carmine Gentile, a Democrat from Sudbury. 

Blatchford issued a statement Tuesday saying he is dropping out of the At-Large City Council race because he needs to concentrate on finding another job.

“It is true, I was dismissed last Thursday. I am in current conversation with the House Human Resources department so that I may learn the full circumstances of the judgment that was made. Until those conversations are completed I will reserve further comment of any kind on this matter.”

“In light of the current circumstance, my obligation to find new employment and to care for my family takes precedence. Therefore, I will no longer be continuing my campaign for city council. I want to thank all those who have supported and believed in me and I will continue as a citizen to work for the betterment of my community.”