Democrat Violence for Democrat Causes – VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (5-16)


For years, the false media narrative has been that the Tea Party controls the Republican Party and is made up of a bunch of “extremists” who could turn violent any minute. They are mocked and linked to the Republican Party on TV dramas like Law and Order, and are portrayed as bigots and unreasonable “right wing kooks” on the news. Yet, to this minute there has never been a Tea Party riot … even with all those guns they have. It’s weird when you think about it.

Now, let’s compare that portrayal to the “left-wing extremists” committing actual violence, advocated and carried out by left-wing extremist Democrats, who are advancing the Democrat party agenda. 

In the last four years there have been riots in the streets of major cities in America by “Occupy Wall Street” and “Black Lives Matter”. These are two groups that are supported by the Democrat party. They are also supported by the Communist party and the Socialist party. Two groups that have advocated murdering police officers, carried out the murder of police officers, burned down neighborhoods, committed sexual assaults, shut down highways, (remember Rt. 93 last year?), and all to promote their left-wing, extremist Democrat party agenda.

Does the news media call them “left wing extremists”? No. Does the news media link every violent act to the Democrat party which supports this kind of thuggery? No.

Instead, they turn logic on its head and put forth the story that these people are “justifiably angry” to dismiss the actual violence, while blaming conservatives for “hateful words”.

You see how this works?

Just imagine how different the news media stories would be “reported” if the roles were reversed and the Tea Party or Trump supporters were committing violence in the streets of America yelling “white lives matter” and calling for the death of black cops.

Enter Donald Trump. Whether you support him or not, the facts are what they are.

Violent, left-wing Democrat party extremists targeted Trump rallies, assaulted Trump supporters, assaulted police officers, burned down and vandalized police cars, shut down traffic, and demanded to silence his right of free speech. Something the Tea Party has NEVER done.

Think about this. There have been no incidents where Trump supporters have interrupted Sanders or Clinton rallies with violence or threats.

Yet, the news media blames Trump supporters for the violence committed against them. Blame the victim much?

You can hate what Trump stands for and you can even hate him. But, for CNN and the rest of the news media to irresponsibly blame Trump and his supporters for violence committed against them by Democrats, advancing Democrat party causes, is a big lie that Adolph Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels would be envious of today.

It’s time to stop blaming the victims and start blaming Democrats who support Democrat violence in the name of their Democrat party causes.

Otherwise the Democrat violence will only get worse.