April, 2006

Last week a few hundred illegal aliens and their collaborators held an illegal protest on the streets of Lawrence.

What exactly were they protesting?

They were protesting America’s laws, which requires that they go through a legal process before entering the United States. But it wasn’t just in Lawrence. Illegals marched all over the country, demanding citizenship and free benefits from a nation they have no right to even inhabit.

What happened to equality under the law? Suddenly the very people who cry about equality want our immigration laws to apply to SOME people — like those who wait their turn in line and come here legally — but not for others —like the ones who think they are entitled to make demands based on the color of their skin.

Yet, anyone who demands EQUALITY under the law and advocates enforcing laws equally is now called a racist and demonized in the news media. It sounds like something Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone would have written about in the 1960’s.

Well, let’s get one thing clear. Despite what you may have heard on Spanish language radio or read in the Eagle ~Tribune, this is not a debate about “immigrants rights.” Legal immigrants already have rights. They don’t need to march or protest, they have already gone through the process legally and enjoy the same rights and benefits as any other American immigrant.

This issue is about ILLEGAL immigrants who sneak in front of the line; it’s about the open defiance of our laws and the unwillingness by politicians and law enforcement officials to do anything about it. And the illegals know it!

Not only did these illegals break the law by invading our country, they arrogantly showed their disdain for America and Americans by marching through the streets and using amplifiers without going before the city council to get the required permits. Well, what do you expect form people who arrogantly refuse to follow the law in the first place?

And, while we expected such behavior from law-breakers, we certainly didn’t expect the Lawrence police to sit idly by and allow it to happen. But, that’s exactly what happened. And as usual, because the law was not enforced by Chief Romero and the Lawrence police, the illegals and their collaborators are planning another disruption that will surely go unchallenged.

It is high time for politicians and law enforcement officials to step up to the plate and do the job they pledged to do: enforce our laws. It’s also high time for apathetic Americans to stand up, defend their country and demand that American laws be enforced on everyone equally.

Whether an “immigrant” is from Ireland, Sweden, Lebanon or Mexico, their status in the United States must be “legal” or they simply must be rounded up and sent back home. No free education, no free lunch, no Section Eight housing vouchers, no more subsidizing those who openly break our laws and then chant “in your face” while doing it.