Every Day is 9-12

Valley Patriot Editorial

September, 2008

September 11, 2001 was the worst attack on American soil in our nation’s history.

On that day, those calling themselves Islamic jihadists declared war on America and flew two airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon killing over 3,000 Americans.

Today it seems that many Americans have forgotten the feelings we shared on that tragic day.

Feelings which, on 9-12, temporarily forced us to change our way of thinking about our own vulnerability, and the reality of the threats against us around the world.

We say that many Americans have forgotten the feelings (and lessons) of that day because, while watching both the Democrat and the Republican conventions, we notice that only the Republican convention speakers talked about that 9-11 tragedy and the real threat we continue to face in our war with self-identified Islamic terrorists.

While the Democrats barely uttered a word about 9-11 and global terrorism, here’s what former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had to say during his speech:

“For — for four days in Denver, the Democrats were afraid to use the words ‘Islamic terrorism.’  I imagine they believe it is politically incorrect to say it. I think they believe it will insult someone. Please tell me, who are they insulting if they say ‘Islamic terrorism’? They are [afraid of] insulting terrorists! Of great concern to me during those same four days in Denver, they rarely mentioned the attacks of September 11, 2001. They are in a state of denial about the biggest threat that faces this country. And if you deny it, and you don’t deal with it, you can’t face it! John McCain can face the enemy. He can win, and he can bring victory for this country.”

During the Saddleback Church debate last month, both Barak Obama and John McCain were asked to define evil.

While Obama focused on the evil that walks the streets of America, McCain clearly detailed the “axis of evil’, 9-11, Osama Bin Ladin and fighting Islamic terrorism until it is defeated.

There is a clear difference in this presidential race when it comes to dealing with terrorism, identifying evil and calling evil by its name.

And while many American’s have slipped back into the pre-9-11 mentality, believing that negotiating with evil men can keep us safe it is critical that the rest of us continue to remember the feelings we had and the resolve we were committed to on 9-12.

In fact, we are suicidal as a nation not to think of (and feel like) every day as 9-12, or forget how those 3,000 plus Americans lost their lives.

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