Former Councilor, School Committeeman Ken Willette, to Run Sticker Campaign in Methuen

 Willette Announces Write-In Campaign for Methuen School Committee

 Kenneth Willette (10 Burnham Road, Apt. 506A) officially announced his campaign today as a write-in candidate for the Methuen School Committee. Willette previously served six years on the Methuen School Committee and six years as a Methuen City Councilor at Large. Willette stated: “Based upon positive feedback from family and friends, I wanted to offer my experience and extensive public service to a position that is important to the education of our future generation. I look forward to running a constructive and fact-based campaign.”

During his six years on the Methuen School Committee, Willette successfully achieved the following goals:

  • Drafted the strongest residency enforcement policy in Methuen’s history, which has removed hundreds of out-of-district students and saved the community millions of dollars.
  • Recommended a police officer in every school.
  • Installed cameras on school buses to deter student mischief.
  • Organized an effective grassroots campaign to win support for the renovations at Methuen High School.
  • Introduced policy that banned counterproductive technological devices at schools.
  • Recommended that every School Committee meeting be televised for openness and transparency.

During his six years on the Methuen City Council, Willette also promoted the following: —

  • Introduced the strongest Sex Offender notification and enforcement policies in the Merrimack Valley.
  • Suggested that speeding fines in school zones be doubled like construction sites.

Willette concluded: “When considering my policy decisions over 12 years of public service, I have always endeavored to keep the future of our children in mind. I have always sought the betterment of our community. I hope the voters will entrust me once again to directly serve their valid interests.”