Frye Circle in Andover


By: Anne Knowles – September, 2012

As a new resident of Frye Circle, in Andover, I was interested in the location and development of such a pleasant setting for a home for senior residents.

The complex contains 96 units. It is named after the Frye family, the first member of the family to make Andover his home in 1646. John Frye came to this area of New England in 1624 and had settled in Newbury. But, soon after he and other settlers sought a charter for this town and so the town of Andover began.

Andover is quite an interesting town to study as the town progressed down through the ages, so did its citizens, establishing and taking part in almost every endeavor of the new country, first as a colony and then as the United States of America.

In fact the northern area of Andover was formerly known as Frye Village. One of John’s grandsons, Samuel Frye established a gristmill and sawmill on the banks of the Shawsheen River in 1718. From that era, Andover became one of the most influential mill towns in New England.

A series of articles published by the Andover Townsman and written by Don Robb, Andover Historical Society have many stories about the town.

But, Frye Circle has a special importance in the town. It was built as a model site for residents of Andover, who needed a home when they became senior citizens and were unable to find suitable housing. Frye Circle was established as a low-income residential housing for the town.

The setting is a large parcel of land, surrounded by woods and stonewalls. It is an ideal location to relax, take walks, and enjoy the wildlife. Yes, wildlife. It is quite a shock to be woken up by a flock of turkeys in the morning. They wander about the complex and sometimes … into the hallways.

Some of the residents have seen deer, foxes and even a coyote. It is like living in the country, with all the amenities of a New England town. A plus is all the activities that residents can take part in all year. If a resident of Frye Circle needs transportation, a bus is scheduled Monday through Friday, so trips for shopping, library and visits to the Senior Center in Andover can be made. Seniors can enjoy the complex and feel secure that they are cared about at Frye Circle.