Openings on Andover Boards

By: Anne Knowles – August, 2013 There are several openings throughout the Town of Andover for a variety of town boards and committees. For those who are interested, there follows a list with the number of spots available. The Ballardvale Historic District Committee (three vacancies);Ballardvale Fire Station Building Committee (one vacancy); Cable Advisory Committee (three […]

Andover 1640

  By Anne Knowles – August, 2013 Kathleen Kent is a tenth generation descendent of Martha Carrier. What does this mean to Andover today? Well, going back to the early settlers of Andover and Essex County, Martha, a citizen of Andover was hanged as a witch; a result of the craze that swept this area […]

Frye Circle in Andover

  By: Anne Knowles – September, 2012 As a new resident of Frye Circle, in Andover, I was interested in the location and development of such a pleasant setting for a home for senior residents. The complex contains 96 units. It is named after the Frye family, the first member of the family to make […]

Andover Senior Center

  By: Anne Knowles – September, 2012 September has been designated as Senior Center Month, in the town of Andover. Many residents of Andover have not yet made use of this center, and the many programs, recreational activities, trips, and interests, that a fully informed staff can show the 60 plus Andover resident. There is […]