Harriet Beecher Stowe and Black History in Andover

By: Anne Knowles – January 2013

stoweShe was born at Litchfield, Conn. In 1811, into a lively housedhold, of six

Sisters and brothers. Her father was a renown Congregationalist and preacher. He was asked to speak at many locations in the area.

Sadly her mother died when she was only four years old, but her oldest sister, Catherine ,who remain her lifelong friend, and was an excellent counselor to her.

She grew up in an intellectual home, attended school and won awards for her writings. Soon, Catherine opened a school for girls, “ The Hartford Female Academy.” Harriet assisted her at the school.

In1832, her father was appointed president of Lane Theological Seminary and the family moved to Ohio.

Catherine the oldest sister once again began school for females, with Harriet as assistant. She began her writing career and wrote several stories. As her writings became known, she met many prominent men and women and how they shared her enthusiasm for “the peculiar institution” Slavery.!

The New United States was hotly divided by the questions of slavery, and which states would be free or slave. In 1836, Harriet married Calvin Stowe,a professor at Bowdoin College in Maine. He later was offer a placement at Phillips Academy in Andover. Over the next few years, twin

girls were born and in the next fifteen years six more children were born.

Her book about the issue of slavery, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” became a sensation. She was able to meet with many people throughout the area that were passionately opposed to the slave issue. Her supporters in Andover

and visitors in Andover included John Greeleaf Whitter, Frederick Douglass,

and freed slaves who told her of the horrors of slavery.

In 1863, at the highpoint of the CivilWar, The framily left Andover and returned to Hartford, Conn. But, in fluence that Harriet brought thoughout, the. U.S. and abroad, helped to drive away the scourge of slavery.

Harriet Beecher Stowe lived a vibrant life and made her a woman of the world. She had many interesting life experiences and reading her book and some of her other works will show what an unusual talented and great woman she was.