Gender Ideology and the Closing of the Mind

By: Paul Murano – May, 2017

Let’s immediately go beneath the surface on one of the biggest challenges of our time: gender confusion. A significant reason for the confusion can be explained in how modern reductionist theory has closed our minds and gutted us of our intuition. We have lost sight of what everyone used to know, and what most non-western people still know: we live in a binary universe, with masculine and feminine principles permeating the cosmos. Gender principles are not simply a human construct taken from male and female bodies and projected onto others things; rather, the masculine and feminine dynamic is universally present throughout creation. We are part of that creation.
Peter Kreeft summarizes this great mystery this way:

“We have lost the idea, implicit in almost all the languages of the world except English—which has no masculine and feminine nouns—that human sexuality is the human Bouncy castle for sale version of a universal principle. When other languages call the Sun “he” and the moon “she,” they are not simply projecting the human reality out onto nature, but seeing something that is really there. One version of this is the famous Chinese yin and yang. Another is the Indian marriage ceremony in which the groom says to his bride, “I am heaven, you are earth.” She responds, “I am earth, you are heaven.”

We can understand what this signifies. From the heavens comes the rain and sunshine that gives life to the earth, which in turn nourishes that life with her soil.To further explore this mystery, let’s next consider mathematical philosophy by observing deeper meaning in the first three numbers.

The number one symbolizes unity, creation, uni-verse, and cosmic perfection. All springs forth from one. Being is one, from which all kinds (species) of beings are grounded.

The number two signifies polarity: cold to hot, short to tall, darkness to light, east to west; passive to active, hate to love, death to life, etc. ‘One’ is a point, ‘two’ is a line, i.e. the polarity that points A and B are to each other. Oneness casts its own shadow, expressing itself in duality.

The number three signifies love, relationship, wholeness. ‘Three’ enables opposites to blend, proper balance to be achieved, and new unity to transcend old identities. ‘Three’ represents relationship inasmuch as two points become one through a third constituent, its medium. Three is the bond between the polarities of one and two: the connection of two bodies, colliding or surrounding each other by the force between them – whether that force be gravitational, electromagnetic, nuclear, or in persons ‘love’. Three is the joining of two transforming them into one. In humans two become one flesh in order to become three persons. It can be said that there are two mathematical equations that represent the mystery of human love: 1+1+1=1, and 1+1=3. As in the triadic nature of Lover, Beloved, and Love: When the two become one they become three.

Kreeft, in an article entitled “Love Sees with New Eyes”, adds these gems:
“Have you ever wondered why there is gravity? Science explains that every particle of matter attracts every other particle according to fixed laws, proportionate to mass and distance. But science does not explain why… Why do negative and positive charges attract? Don’t you see a real connection between this and love? Science’s reductionistic method fails to see cosmic love… The modern mind always tends to reduce the greater to the lesser rather than seeing the lesser as reflecting the greater. It thinks of human love as only complex animal instinct, or even complex electrochemical attraction, rather than thinking of these subhuman attractions as love on a lesser level.

remodern thought saw lust as confused love. Modern thought sees love as rationalized lust. This is reductionism.”

So how does this relate to our mass confusion today? We need to re-open our minds to accept the nature of reality as it is, and humbly recognize ourselves as sexual creatures whose masculine and feminine traits participate in this universal paradigm. How exactly that is played out in sex roles within each society is a cultural question; it becomes a problem only when a society has been so conditioned by ideology that it forgets these universal principles are part of us. The forced androgyny of radical feminism and its reverberations has led to a culture of death because “progressive” thinking has detached us from nature, and more particularly from human nature. As a result we are unable to see the cosmos as a reflection of its Trinitarian Creator and humanity as His personal image and likeness.